Aye Right Radio videocast 257 podcast 14 S3. Not Another One?

Not Another One? 

  • The Marr,  Ridge and Politics Scotland shows are all reviewed…Jack McConnel was Gary Roberson’s Unionist guest on the wee show ‘where you are’ so the fortunes of Labour in Scotland and Anas Sarwar in particular were roasted…
  • In Holyrood Magazine Mandy Rhodes roasts both First Minister Sturgeon and Permanent Secretary Evans and others over the Salmond V Sturgeon affair…’What About the Women?’…
  • The Sunday National headlines another call to Yessers to prepare for Indyref2…’Not Another One?’  How many calls to arms have we had and how many more before we revolt?…
  • The former head of the FBI James Comey dubbed  Donald Trump as a menacing mob boss and suggested Trump would love an impeachment trial live on TV from Washington spread over 3 years…
  • Other topics included polls,  fish business and ferries.
Opinions by Phil Attridge, Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart, Stewart Lochhead

Audio podcast

Not Another One?

One thought on “Aye Right Radio videocast 257 podcast 14 S3. Not Another One?

  1. Lads: the HoL is chock-a-block with Unionist Scottish lawyers who want to renegotiate the international Treaty to make it an Act under domestic law. These are not English MPs. Those lairdies know perfectly well that the Treaty is of huge potential benefit to Scotland if it is challenged properly. Too many in Scotland wouldn’t care a fig if we were shafted again, as in 1707; in fact, it would suit them to do so. They will ensure that we are absorbed into a new four-way Union dominated entirely by England, ruled by English law, and we will have lost any advantage we ever had in the existing Union.These craven sycophants are the heirs of the old lot who sold us out in 1707.

    As for referendums, they are the underlying problem: they are totally unnecessary, although we have been sold the lie that they are; and SNP policy for nigh on 80 years was a plebiscitary election, with a majority of seats (never votes). After 2014, it should have been obvious to anyone that another referendum was off the table. By 2016, it was never going to happen. As for a window of opportunity, that came in 2016, but the FM preferred to campaign for the whole of the UK to come out of the EU instead of for Scotland to come out of the Union when it was both undemocratic (England voted for Brexit) and pointless because we could never have overturned it, anyway. There was not one thing done to try and find another route from 2014 to now. There is no way whatsoever that we will be able to leave the UK without a confrontation with Westminster. That, too, has been evident since 19 September, 2014. So, we either cave in and accept that Scotland and independence are finished and we become the northernmost region of England, or we find an alternative route. Either way, Westminster is going to try and demolish us. Ergo, we get demolished on our knees or we face them down with another route, chance being demolished, but believe that we might actually get there. I believe we will, if we take the bull by the horns.

    All along, Nicola Sturgeon’s problem has been the combination of the Scottish Unionist and rUK vote in Scotland, and her caution is, to an extent, understandable, given the example we have of NI. Our position, however, is considerably worse than NI’s, in that they, at least have a choice of neighbours who might not be exactly welcoming, but will probably take them on board, while all we have is Westminster’s foot on our neck. Whether we fight against Brexit or accept it meekly, the die has been cast, and they cannot let us flourish. In those circumstances and given that Brexit is going to get very, very much worse, caution, or waiting, is not something that can do anything for us now. The Salmond affair might not bring her down now, but it will bring her down, and the more she refuses to do anything about independence bar weak and ineffectual promises that fool nobody except the terminally gullible, the more chance that she will meet her Nemesis sooner rather than later. Announcing a plebiscitary election will save her the worst. Trying to dance on the head of a pin will ensure she falls, possibly before May, and independence will fall with her.

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