Aye Right Radio videocast 260 podcast 17 S3. Don’t Haste Ye Back

Don’t Haste Ye Back

  • The FMQs review majors on the vaccine programme roll-out…
  • We discuss a new poll which shows 55% support for the May Holyrood election to be plebiscitary (viz. a referendum on independence)…
  • The news from Labour sees Monica Lennon officially as a leadership candidate… There’s also a Keir Starmer appointment of a ‘former’ Mossad agent to spy on the UK Labour Party…
  • The final main topic is the launch in the UK of two more foreign backed TV News stations (what’s new?)…
  • Also included are;…Devi Sridhar,  Joanna Cherry + UK Supreme Court,  George Osborne,  Piers Morgan,  Andrew Neil,  Rupert Murdoch and Robin McAlpine out of Common Weal…
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Jimmy Hutton

Audio podcast

Don’t Haste Ye Back

One thought on “Aye Right Radio videocast 260 podcast 17 S3. Don’t Haste Ye Back

  1. Jimmy: as one of those female fans of the show, nah, it’s not misandry. It’s revenge; it’s tit-for-tat; it’s ‘how do you like it, boys?”. If you look at misogyny, it is world-wide; it has been, and is, in every culture, at every level, in every era, in every part of the globe – for millennia. On Twitter, it is endemic, the viciousness towards women because they are women. It isn’t bringing down a man here and there. It is ruining female lives every single day.

    I do usually agree with your viewpoint to a great extent, but if we really had misandry, it would be women hoarding crossbows and machetes to kill men instead of the other way round. We would have the same statistics for male deaths at the hands of women as we do women’s deaths at the hands of men. Women use those powers they have, which are negligible under the patriarchy. I know nothing about Robin MacAlpine, and I certainly do not condone Twitter mob rule – I loathe the bloody thing. I also do not know whether what these women are saying is true either; I’ve never worked for Robin MacAlpine. I don’t know him. What I do know is that no one, male or female, deserves to be reviled on Twitter (the boneheaded’s equivalent of the Hunger Games). Faceless, vicious people with no spine and little between their shell-likes, whose self-hatred is just marginally less than their hatred of everyone else.

    What I do know is: it’s not misandry, not yet, although it could grow into that, stoked by the pseudo ‘woke’ warriors. It is far more likely to be suppressed rage finding a target because he attacked Nicola Sturgeon, and, if you think about it, these women, probably around her, are likely to be members of the pseudo ‘woke’, the new torn-faced ad self-righteous Puritans of the Left (strings pulled by the right, as per). The ‘wokists’ attack anyone, male or female, right or left, straight or gay, who does not fit their new World Order.

    Apart from that, great show and very interesting. I didn’t know that Robin MacAlpine had stepped down. Oh, and I agree with Stewart about a plebiscitary election. I don’t believe we have much choice now, however it provokes Westminster.

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