AYE RIGHT RADIO. Would the SNP Collapse Parliament?. video 266 audio 23 S3

Would the SNP Collapse Parliament? 

  • Wee PMQs report…
  • SGov Covid briefing on travel controls/quarantine hotels…Impact on tourism…
  • Prof Curtice on polls…Backlash from England?…
  • We’re the new Irish…Effectively causing a civil war…Surrounded by the EU…
  • Twitter attack on Jo Cherry.
Opinions by Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart

Audio podcast

Would the SNP Collapse Parliament?

One thought on “AYE RIGHT RADIO. Would the SNP Collapse Parliament?. video 266 audio 23 S3

  1. Good discussion, Jimmy/Norrie. The Unionists can’t sabotage a plebiscitary election if independence is made the main policy and it is made plain in all campaign literature/communications that it is a plebiscitary election first and foremost. I think that Jimmy is right in that we need to be proactive instead of reactive, and we also have to learn to shrug nonchalantly when Westminster starts chuntering. We need to stop giving them the ammunition by behaving as if we are already independent. Raise the middle digit. I agree with PAB on a lot of stuff, but his solution always hands all the power to the SNP – which, I admit we absolutely need to take us to independence, but this administration’s days are numbered – and he still sees independence through a UK/British prism, even though he is the first to condemn that stance. There simply is no way to dissolve the Union without involving England because we have a Treaty with England (not the UK) which is the founding document on which the UK rests. Only by taking our case to the international arena, after a plebiscitary election, if England reneges, have we a hope in hell of getting out. A request to expedite our case would be acceded to, I think. A referendum is sunk; it was never on the cards. Never. Not if we actually want to leave the UK.

    The whole pseudo ‘woke’ agenda, particularly the trans issue, will have to be defeated absolutely, now, thanks to Biden. What is in America one week, comes here the next. If it is not, women and girls, and all children, will lose out. It will have to go to Human Rights in the end, and, only then, will it be seen that half the West’s population are having their rights trampled on and taken away by the trans lobby. The number of genuine trans people is tiny and it was on this tiny population that the trans rights were based, both by the UN and by the ECHR. Now, however, hundreds of thousands of cross-dressers, drag queens and fetishists of all kinds are demanding access to women’s spaces and rights, and they are justifying their demands by deliberately enabling our children to mutilate themselves. In time, this is going to be seen as a social crime of huge proportions, as a case of systematic abuse of young people no being allowed to decide their own sexuality, as well as a cruel and misogynistic abuse of women’s rights and an attempt to push back history.

    Western pseudo ‘woke’, in all its guises, is so insulting to the black campaigners for rights for a previously enslaved people that it ought to make us sick to think of these pampered, middle-class privileged people indulging their hollow lives by filling it with the hurts perpetrated on people who have genuine grievances. If you are going to be ‘woke’, you really need to be coming from a place of discrimination and ill-treatment. Having secured to yourself a university degree and a nice job with a nice salary and pension benefits doesn’t quite do it for me. Yes, you can be outraged on behalf of someone if they are genuinely suffering ‘othering’, but the outrage has to be real, not an indulgence, and you have to be certain that the people on whose behalf you indulge your outrage are in need of it. The 2004 GRA gave trans people every right that the rest of us have. Even that was a step too far and has been superseded by the same-sex marriage legislation, so there is no actual need of GRA at all.

    Yes, there are genuine trans people who do deserve and need our empathy but it is not for women, themselves a marginalized group right across the globe, to satisfy the greedy excesses of self-indulgent men in frocks and high heels. It is not for women and children to sacrifice themselves so that these men can have their ‘feelings’ validated. They are men; they will always be men. That is the sad truth. Women cannot ,and should not have to, fix them. The daft wee lassies who pander to this misogyny because it makes them valued and important and needed are too gullible and self-harming for words.

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