AYE RIGHT RADIO. Gove-‘Go to Scotland Boris’. video 267 audio 24 S3

Gove-‘Go to Scotland Boris’
  • A dull FMQs with Sturgeon, Davidson, Baillie and Rennie arguing about vaccine delivery and Covid testing, suddenly came alive when Patrick Harvie asked the FM if she had regrets about transphobia in the Scottish Government…Nicola passionately defended her government in the manner of her personal video posted yesterday…
  • Changes to the wording of the Hate Crime Bill appeared to have triggered a social media attack on MP Joanna Cherry by trans-allies…
  • The timing seems to be a distraction as it coincides with the court appearance of Craig Murray and his publishing of evidence which is damaging to the First Minister…
  • PM Johnson’s Scottish visit gets supported by Keir Starmer (who knew?); ..roasted and then welcomed by the gang…
  • Jimmy’s Indy strategy suggestion of deliberately collapsing an SNP government after the May election gets analysed and expect more debate on the idea…
  • Someone suggested that a media mogul put up Michael Gove to persuade Boris Johnson to visit Scotland where he is despised…We wonder why.
Opinions by Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Stewart Lochhead

Audio podcast

Gove- ‘Go to Scotland Boris’

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