AYE RIGHT RADIO. Colony Scotland or Equal Partner?. video 268 audio 25 S3

Colony Scotland or Equal Partner? 

  • Jimmy delivers the Covid briefing report which featured vaccination figures again…supplies,  jag centres,  delivery and a ScotGov row with the UKGov about secrecy…At the podium steady Jeane Freeman delivered steady Covid figures including an infection/test rate of 5.8% where the W.H.O. target is 5%…
  • The former First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, has challenged the orthodoxy of the sovereignty of the Westminster parliament…He claims that that sovereignty breaches the conditions in the Treaty of Union between Scotland and England…His case names A V Dicey,  Joanna Cherry MP and Lady Hale (prorogation of parliament) …We discuss the relevance in Scotland today…
  • We roast Prime Minister Johnson’s visit to Scotland while still speculating about the real reason he came…Channel4 News gets roasted for metrocentric coverage of it with Scottish expat Tory MP Alberto Costa interviewed…Is Scotland a colony or an equal partner?…
  • Jimmy is seeking a Ghandi type leader for Scotland while still  maintaining that most politicians are vain, venal creatures.
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton

Audio podcast

Colony Scotland or Equal Partner?

One thought on “AYE RIGHT RADIO. Colony Scotland or Equal Partner?. video 268 audio 25 S3

  1. Both Scotland and England were independent, sovereign nation states when they co-signed the Treaty of Union, an international agreement between states. It is not not possible to renegotiate the Treaty in those terms, which the HoL knows very well, hence its desperation to renegotiate it as a domestic law Act. The minute we accede to that, they will call the tune and bring it under British Law, under the auspices of the Supreme Court or whatever is in existence then. It is what they are waiting for. We cannot let them take control of the Treaty again, as they did immediately after 1707, when English MPs declared Scotland had been subsumed into a Greater England. One glance at the Treaty tells you that is rubbish. All the actings around the Treaty and the words of Her Maj of the day, Queen Anne show that Scotland and England were intended to be equal partners in a new political state.

    That Treaty is our salvation on two counts if we use it wisely in the international arena: on the question of our mutual relationship (Scotland and England, and then the British State, as three separate entities); and on the question of negotiations in the event of our leaving the UK, specifically in relation to the string out of assets and liabilities, resources and territory. Our territory, both terrestrial and maritime, would, according to international law outwith the Treaty, revert to us on independence; and that would also be the case if we used the Treaty itself. That is why a plebiscitary election, and if England refuses to negotiate our withdrawal thereafter, the use of the Treaty in a case against rUK based on both the Treaty itself and on international law is, by far, the best route out of the Union.

    Scotland’s biggest problem since 1707 has been our acquiescence in breaches of the Treaty – by omission rather than commission – and not standing up for our rights. That was to be expected from collaborating Unionist lairdies in Scotland for years, but an SNPG doing the same thing is beyond shameful. If we don’t choose a new route and go soon, and take our chances, it will be all too late because people will, indeed, accommodate themselves to Brexit. The NO-voting, colonial-minded collaborators in our midst will be the first to accommodate themselves – they already are. WE cannot afford to wait till the Twelfth of Never, as the SNPG wants, in order to have a referendum that we will then lose again.

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