Ae Fond Farewell

Ae fond farewell….

It is with a heavy heart that we at AyeRight pass on the sad news of the loss of our great friend and colleague Norrie Stewart, who passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday 28th April.

Norrie was a loving husband to Gill, a proud Dad to Becky and Rory, and a devoted Grandad to Logan……our thoughts are with his beloved family at this time.

After a career in the fire service,  kicking arses across rugby pitches worldwide, and running some of Leith’s finest hostelries, Norrie created Aye Right Radio with his great friend Stewart Lochhead; and they booted arses around the political arena for many moons.

A fierce advocate for Scotland and her people; Norrie’s passion, wit and intelligence will be a sair miss to all who knew and enjoyed this fabulous example of a father, brother, man, mate…….and our lives are that wee bit lesser at his loss.

When you raise a banner fir your country, or a glass to your lips this weekend…..send yer best to Norrie, the family he lived so fiercely, and the many many friends he held close…..

Farewell my friend, and Slainte 🍻🍻🍻

Jimmy Hutton

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