First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 190418

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Ruth Davidson used her four questions to try and unsuccessfully link the SNP government and the SNP party with Cambridge Analitica, but Davidson carried on with no credibility other than her supercilious smirk.

Richard Leonard raised questions on the incompetence of Tayside NHS, and his solution was that Shona Robinson should resign her post as health secretary.

Willie Rennie raise questions on NHS mental health provision. There are several other constituency questions on national health provision ranging from GP provision to small injuries units in hospitals.

Interesting questions on Scotland’s health leading on from the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the fact that we are not now healthy sports fiends.

Interesting question from Ivan McKee on the UK government’s decision to put out to overseas tender the building of new Royal Navy ships, not only was Scotland lied to during the referendum, but it looks like English shipyards Will more than likely lose out as well. I

Altogether an interesting first ministers question time.


First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 290318

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Nicola Sturgeon Triumphs at Easter

The end of term grilling of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon became a rout of Ruth Davidson and her Tories.
Its a year to Brexit and any Scottish economic weakness is the responsibility of the Tories said the FM backed by a Fraser of Allander report.
“Ruth Davidsons credibility is zero” she said. Ruth claimed the explanation was “closer to home”.

Nicola had barely started her attack.

Richard Leonard shouldn’t have bothered standing up. His education challenge was opened with Richards committment to supporting picket lines.
After dismissing his question (was it a question?) the FM suggested that Richard was welcome to spend his time as he sees fit.
“You sit at the negotiating table” said Richard and I tried to imagine the FM finding time for it.

Kenny Gibson referred to extra UK funding for Ayrshire to initial applause from the Tories which died to groans as Minister Keith Brown was credited with securing the cash.

Patrick Harvie opened doors for the FM to agree (was there collusion) to blame PM May for disgraceful action by her senior advisor and to further agree that she would campaign to return to the EU. On the Common Fishing Policy the FM sounded as strong as Patrick on saving the fish.

Soft fruit growers foreign staff needs could have brought up “Lincolnshire before Scotland” but Michael Gove AND Ruth Davidson got another barrage from the FM “Tories are looking at their feet or making lots of noise in embaressment. They should be utterly ashamed”

When Food Banks came up the FM attacked again “Ruth Davidson should listen and not chat”

Anas Sarwar was widely applauded for attacking the disgusting “Punish a Muslim” campaign.

Nicola finished up with a joint attack on Labour and the Tories Brexit positions. “Richard Leonard should stop supporting the right wing Tories and Ruth Davidson should return to one of her previous positions of support for the single market.”

I suspect Miss Sturgeon sat down to a satisfying lunch after such an emphatic victory.


First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 220318

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At First Ministers questions this week Ruth Davidson goes with funding for the education attainment gap. Apparently the £750 million of funding allocated for the life of the Parliament should have been spent by now. It did however give the Tory leader the opportunity to pretend she was progressive, no doubt leaving her core voters wondering why they bother to spend so much on school fees in order to ensure that the attainment gap is maintained, at least for their immediate family.

Richard Leonard decided to go with the same subject as last week in order to underline the fact he has no idea what powers are and are not devolved to Holyrood. He also gave the first Minister the opportunity once again to ask him to support more powers being devolved from Westminster to the Scottish parliament, an opportunity she seems determined to offer at each and every first ministers questions.

Both Patrick Harvey and Willie Rennie had the opportunity to ask questions this week. Willie Rennie went with the upcoming First Minister’s visit to China, asking her if she would raise the question of human rights. Most noticeable about Mr Rennie’s question was the venom of its delivery, whether this was due to the content of the question or his dislike of the first Minister is anybody’s guess.

Patrick Harvie of the Greens went with a green question. Patrick asked if the first Minister was happy about the targets of the Glasgow City Council clean air proposals. He wasn’t, the first Minister was. So no real surprise there.

A fishing question was eventually asked by Stewart Stevenson who did appear to be quite upset about the whole Tory betrayal thing.

There were no questions about the continuity bill, no doubt MSPs think the subject has been done to death in recent days.

Quite a fun first ministers questions this week if only for the two main opposition parties display of hypocrisy and ignorance.