World Laughing at UK. Blame the Maybot

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by Sandra Anderson

If the cardboard cutout TM alias Maybot had any guts she should be calling for a second EU referendum (probably reversing the last result, many of my English contacts think voters are realising the mess which exists) and suspect the results would be different.

There would of course be a cost but much less than currently envisaged should the vote be reversed, a bit of crawling required.

At least the rest of the world, far less Europe, would stop laughing at UK. Other countries don’t care.

She might even be able to regain some respect, hold on to her job and sleep at night.

She ain’t the lady who was not for turning although Maggie T did in fact know when to turn.

She might even be able to claim to have saved the Union…… Though I suspect in the long run it is too late for that.

First ministers questions 14th of September 2017




Afraid there’s got to be a bit of a health warning on this particular broadcast Alex had a bit of a rant and there are some very naughty words not suitable for youngsters.

Ruth went on education as did Willie Rennie, Nicola probably won this exchange and Alex Rowley was very civilised as was Nicola in answering him.

Is Calvinism alive and well in modern Scotland?




Lord, mind Stu Campbell’s deserts;
He drinks, an’ swears, an’ plays at cartes,
Yet has sae mony takin arts,
Wi’ great an’ sma’,
Frae God’s ain priest the people’s hearts
He steals awa’.

And when we chasten’d him therefore,
Thou kens how he bred sic a splore,
And set the world in a roar
O’ laughing at us;
Curse Thou his basket and his store,
Kail an’ potatoes.