FMQ’s 26th of January 2017


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Our first FMQ’s of 2017 although not the first, Ruth gets all fire and brimstone at the end of her questions and Kezia does quite well, I think we all agree, and manages to insert quite a few soundbites for the up coming council elections in May. Mr Rennie as usual stands up and starts laughing at himself. Your comments and opinions are as always welcome.

First Minister’s questions 3rd November 2016

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Nicholas Sturgeon again dominating FMQs with a rather annoyed looking Ruth Davidson going on all things tax as did Kezia Dugdale, Nicholas Sturgeon’s answers to both emphasising the hundred million pounds that would be generated by the rise in council tax for schools.

Patrick Harvey had questions today, again council tax, while promising the Greens support for the bill he was very pushy about an amendment the Liberals have put forward with some criticism contained in it of the SNP. It may cause some problems at the vote which happens at 5 PM today at Holyrood.

Notable once again that the only party which mentioned the constitution/independence were the Conservatives obviously believing a staunch Unionist stance being their strongest appeal to the voters.

Although Willie’s picture is above Mr Rennie got no questions today so we’ll never know what the Liberals thought about council tax.