First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 310518


Ruth Davidson leads off with asking the FM what she does in her day job, Sturgeon responds with a long list for the previous 24 hours, and offered to relate the previous 10 days of the day job. Davidson then went on about her favourite subject, independence.
Richard Leonard on NHS waiting times followed by, independence, what a surprise.
Constituency questions were on NHS, eduction, RBS closures, human trafficking, expelling of immigrants and Indy Referendum.


First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 250518


NHS and Education questions were main topics today, starting with Davidson’s main obsession, talking about Scottish independence followed by educational attainments in the sciences.
Richard Leonard on NHS waiting times, lots of statistics.
Patrick Harvey on his perceived inadequacies of the proposed new Climate Change Bill.
Two constituency questions on threats to Whisky industry. Monica Lennon wanted to know what FM was going to do about her local Marks and Spencer’s closing down?
Rhonda Grant brought up the horrific recently reported abuse, harassment and assault on a Government civil servant, DeeAnne Fitzpatrick by her fellow civil servants at Marine Scotland offices.


First Ministers Questions Review from Holyrood 170518


Interesting session today, starting with Ruth Davidson’s education questions on the restriction of curriculum subjects for students wishing to study for A level/Higher exams, she managed to make a mark in FM’s armour.
Richard Leonard brought up the non appearance of an audit on Mental Health provision for children, only to be told that it was being published on 13th June, maybe Richard should have done his homework before asking the question.
Patrick Harvey was upset that the 50,000 houses promised by Scottish Government were not all new build.
Willy Rennie waffled on with statistics about waiting times for NHS Adult Mental Health services.
Quite a lot of constituency questions on NHS Mental health services. Also questions on STV job losses, UK Withdrawal Bill, LGBT issues and Universal Credit.
Last two questions were from Murdo Fraser and John Finnie, these were about votes for prisoners, Fraser against, Finnie in favour. First Minister was stuck in the middle with some prisoners getting the vote.