Wednesday Scottish blogs eighth of November 2017.


Gordon McIntyre Kemp takes no prisoners in his prĂ©cis of Gordon Brown’s book or maybe more accurately Gordon Brown’s rewriting of history.

Wilderness of peace has his latest article up covering the dark side of Brexit and the EU long read but interesting ideas.

Holyrood chronicles quotes the times as Boris fiddles and Patel hides and everyone basks in the Westminster scandal inferno.

Michael Greenwell’s Scottish independence podcast gives us our Niorm Chomsky video foretelling the future?

Munguins new Republic asks why do we pay David Davies..

James Kelly’s Scott goes pop piece points out to Gary Robertson that if you have access to all the information it’s maybe a good idea to use it before you go tweeting nonsense.

Stuart Campbell has a delve into Gordon Brown’s book with unsurprising results.

Wee Ginger dug fights back giving Tom Gallagher a taste of his own medicine. Prof Gallagher seems less academic and more epidemic as the days pass.

Murray updates us on his libel case and the news is good.

Peter a bell at Scotto voce reminds us that the Paradise papers fiasco is becoming an annual event and suggest that power pollutes. Are we blaming the wrong celebrities here?

Three pieces in common space today one covering Nicholas Sturgeon’s apology for the historic injustice against the gay community.

A piece on the new appointment as childcare Minister of Marie Todd.

The final article covers the LGBTI charities launch to support young trans-people in schools.

Mike small runs through the ever-growing list of the present Tory governments woes and a piece entitled good morning Britain.

We then have a video of Aamer Rahman using humour to shoot hypocrisy down in flames.

This is followed by Twitter feed update on the happenings in Brussels from Jonathan lis.

Katie Hopkins has a book out just in time for Christmas and Otto English explains it’s only one in a long line of right wing diatribes now available to ignore.

Football next Mike small has a quick shimmy through a new fans evaluation of the Scottish game and it doesn’t look as though they are particularly supportive of the top men running the game.

Mike finishes off today’s articles with an explanation of why he needs your support for a Gaelic language project.


And that folks is your Scottish blog Roundup for Wednesday as ever there are and if we are missing any blogs you enjoy send us a link to them at aye right Enjoy today’s reads.

Tuesdays Scottish blogs seventh of November 2017.



Peter a bell over at Indyref2 treats us to a critique of the Scottish independence convention meeting at the Usher Hall. Peter pulls no punches.

Holyrood chronicles has a video.

Munguins new republic treats us to some of the better protest signs of Trump’s recent tour.

Wings over Scotland tears the daily mail a new one in his inimitable style.

Peter Curran over at Moradura is getting pretty sick of the nonsense talked about sacking MPs and so gives us a breakdown on why basically nobody gets sacked as an MP.

Why do we have to fight for brand Scotland? Scotto voice tells us in no uncertain terms in this article.

Eric Joyce over at from No to Yes suggest that Boris Johnson’s presumed gaffe concerning Mrs Ratcliffe in Iran may not in fact be a straightforward mistake. The problem is it’s Boris and we expect him to do stupid things.

Common space has three new articles up today starting with Caitlin Logans piece on calls for accountability over the illegal Iraq war.

The second piece by John Paul Clark picks up on the great work done by food banks and those that volunteer and donate to them.

Caitlin Logan has a second piece today on the sexual harassment issue both at Holyrood and Westminster.

Mike small writes about the Paradise papers recently released much to the upset of our own royalty.

The second piece by Mike small covers a photography exhibition by Frank McElhinne.

Again Mike has a wee call for funding to help fight fake news.

Alistair Heather takes on the Scottish branding issue in an article entitled the saltire the Scots an the siller. Written in Scots.

Monday’s Blogs 6th Novemeber 2017



Wilderness of peace asks what was the snap general election really all about and why the yes movement has to be vigilant

the independence live blog keeps us up to date with what’s happening with the Catalan government in exile in Denmark.

Holyrood chronicles brings us a tale of Betty in London savings dilemmas.

Michael Greenwell across at the Scottish independence podcasts decides to keep stone on the comments front but points out a few interesting facts about a tweet from age Scotland that appeared yesterday.

Mungo in the new Republic has a quick rundown of all the sleaze on the go at the moment, sexual, financial and well some just plain predictable.

James Kelly over at Scott goes pop looks back to the future and ties it very neatly to the goings-on at the top of the EU hierarchy at the moment. Oh and he was on the radio as well.

wings over Scotland highlights the problem some Unionists have with supporting democracy.

Wee Ginger dug apologises for not blogging as often as he once could and then gives us our diary breakdown of why. Handy if you would like to go and hear him speak because he seems to sell out his meetings rather quickly these days.

Bella has a piece with details of the political prisoners held in Spanish jails from Catalonia and asks for you to give your support and solidarity.

Bella second piece covers gender equality and as a call from Sophie Walker to use your vote to support equality.

Stephen Bullock asks what’s the worst thing about Brexit? You may be surprised by his answer but he makes a powerful argument for it being our constitutional standards.

Scottish Blogs 4th November 2017




Peter a bell across at Indyref2 rips into the controversy surrounding the marketing of Scottish produce as British and reminds us you don’t need to meet the darkened room to take part in a conspiracy.

Michael Greenwell across at Scottish independent podcast gives us the leading contenders for the insult Trump competition.

Meanwhile across at Munguins new Republic we are treated to an eye watering display of memes covering the hypocrisy and the rebranding of Scotland produce.

Followed by a video starring fluffy Mundell dismissing all questions from the northern colonies representatives.

James Kelly at Scot goes pop informs us of the dangers of removing the whip from even the naughtiest of MP.

Wings over Scotland in a piece entitled hurray for the Jock shirts.

It runs through a collection of the extreme public views expressed by all those guys who as young socialist revolutionaries must have sat about plotting the new constitution they would introduce, when in power, to ensure the trampling of democracy.

Common space’s lead by Sean Bell covers the jailing of pro-independence politicians in Spain and looks at the strategy for the independent side in the upcoming elections on 21st December.

Common space also gives Judy Wilkinson, space to discuss the future for allotments around Scotland the good they bring and asks how effective the community empowerment act will be in reality.

Bella continues its collaboration with the National and its latest magazine number nine is out today buy your copy of the national to get it.

Mike small contributes to Bella today with a piece about the new Astroturf outfit ‘These islands’. Pointing out much of what has been said by their members today seems not to chime with what they’re trying to claim for Britishness.

In a piece entitled rebellion against nationalism, this is an opinion piece. The view from the left is discussed after a brief look at Spanish nationalism, something we are beginning to see more of from the British side of the Scottish independence argument.

Next up a video celebrating the coming dark nights.

The final new article today covers Scots trad podcast, a podcast around Scottish traditional music, this podcast covers the top 20 albums in this genre released this year.

Fridays Scottish bogs 3rd November 2017




When you have to start jailing artists for the lyrics of their songs your government is in trouble. Independence live covers the possible jailing of some young rappers.

Holyrood chronicles has a short video of some football. Followed by a quote from the Guardian covering the downside of tourism.

I watched question Time last night and was stunned by Anne McElroy of the Economist pronouncements on the size of the pro in the independence vote in Catalonia. James Kelly explains why.

Wee Ginger dug runs us through the minutiae of the Spanish government’s arrest role the who why and where.

Peter a Bell over at Scotto voice warns us to keep an eagle eye out as our mainstream media desperately hunts down an excuse to denigrate Holyrood’s occupants in the same way as Westminster’s sleaze fest is allowing them to throw copious amounts of mud. God forbid the Scottish parliament is better behaved.

Common space has a magnificent seven new articles up in the last 24 hours.

Robert McAlpine discusses the EU and its problems I would imagine echoing a lot of the second thoughts remained voters are having at the moment.

Sean Bell covers the expected increase in child poverty due to the new welfare cuts.

Caitlin Logan writes about the symbolic vote at Westminster against the continued roll-out of universal credit.

In Sean Bel’sl second piece today the options for changes to the income tax system outlined in the Scottish governments new discussion paper are discussed.

Fiona McInnis asks which model for the fishing industry would be best for Scotland.

There is a short video on housing from Paul Farrell.

Yet And finally Sean Bell once again by God that man works hard has an interview with Anna Arque who will be appearing at this weekend’s Scottish independence convention covering many of the twists and turns in Catalonia from an activists point of view.

Tammas Clark issues a call to arms for the Scots tongue and if it’s your thing gie it a read.

Mike small has a piece entitled ATD covering the vast reach of Facebook et al, and where does the connectedness of the Internet go now.

Finally there is a video shot in Catalonia a vox pop asking the people why the Republic?


Thursdays Scottish Blogs 2nd November 2017


Business for Scotland regular Scottish business buzz is out with articles covering pension problems, the Scottish women in technology awards, slowdown in corporate insolvencies, the jump in the number of businesses being created and more awards with the business women Scotland prizes being announced.

GA Ponsonby is retiring and this is his last article detailing a history starting with news net Scotland. We will miss his detailed analysis of our mainstream media.

Holyrood chronicles quotes the independent which neatly summarises the look and feel of the Tory benches at the moment.

Munguin’s new Republic leads with the headline “Fallon from grace” and yes you guessed it it’s all about the recently resigned defence minister. He follows up with some very saucy pictures of some veg.

Wings over Scotland having been exonerated of any wrongdoing after his recent arrest puts the foot down on the accelerator and rips into the idiots who somehow get to represent us in the various parliaments.

Wee Ginger dug points out some uncomfortable truths about the British war machine and its history choose the colour of your poppy with care.

The ferret fact checks a claim about broadband in Scotland made by Theresa May and finds it’s mostly false.

Peter a bell at Scotto voce asks whether we should really believe the rebranding of Scottish goods as British goods is just a series of unfortunate mistakes.

Common space has three new articles published today the first an interview with Christine McKelvey in regard to her parliamentary motion calling for the international community to recognise the Catalonian Republic.

The second article again by Sean Bell prolific Laddie that he is covers the debate yesterday in Holyrood regarding the old chestnut of the VAT police and fire brigades in Scotland have to pay. This call has the backing of the Greens and the Labour Party and it is rumoured that the Conservatives have approached the Treasury about this anomaly.

The third piece by Caitlin Logan covers the terrorist atrocity in New York and has several tweets by the irrepressibly stupid Donald Trump.

From no to yes Eric Joyce’s blog has a piece up about the predominantly white leadership of UK NGOs. Unfortunately he seems to be having a problem with his site and it’s difficult to read but worth persevering.

Loki names his hundred unknown and in need of recognition list. That the list doesn’t name.

Mike small has a piece about the sexual harassment storm blasting through the Westminster corridors and points out that within the Tory party especially it’s nothing new.

Wednesdays Scottish Blogs


Tonie Mckay has a piece on Business for Scotland today talking about doughnut economic’s helping to explain the more holistic approach of Kate Roworths economic ideas.

Peter a bell at Indy ref two expands on an article by Audrey Birt in the National yesterday and suggests a wedge has to be driven into the certainty of the mindset of the uber Unionist.

Holyrood chronicles has a quote of the day too long for a tweet but you need to read the quote to understand the reference.

Scott goes pop’s James Kelly delves into the datasets of the latest Catalonian poll on independence and clears up a few MSM misconceptions.

Lesley Riddoch’s back with a podcast about her visit to Catalonia what can I say excellent as ever and well worth a listen. It’s not just Catalonia she lets out a few secrets about Brian Taylor as well.

Four new articles on common space today.

Caitlin Logan has a piece entitled locker room talk the title of a play being toured by the Travis Theatre just now it covers the very up-to-date topic of sexual harassment and is to be shown to MSPs in Holyrood an interesting read about a novel approach to the problem.

Sean Bell has a piece today about the reasons employment law should be devolved to the Scottish parliament. This piece is generated from the questions asked at the Scottish affairs committee recently.

A second Sean Bell piece covers the debt accumulated over a four-year degree by the poorest students in Scotland and calls for a root and branch overhaul.

Common space has also posted a report created by common weal on the central banks development and role.

Liz Castro writes about the tumultuous events this weekend in Barcelona by the way Liz is well worth the follow on Twitter if you looking for up-to-date information on what’s happening in Catalonia.

The second piece by Ruth Patrick looks at five of the reasons that conditionality, that is what you have to do to qualify for welfare, or perhaps more importantly the reasons you get sanctioned and what effects this system has on your employability.

The third new article up is simply a map of the countries that ban smacking that you might like to send to the detractors of the new Scottish government policy.

The last piece is seriously local by Mike small and concerns Mossmorran the ExxonMobil ethylene plant in Fife who seem to be having some difficulties restarting their plant but no difficulty ignoring the local residents.

If you think there are other blogs in Scotland we need to tell People about please contact us at

Tuesdays Scottish Blogs


Gordon McIntyre Kemp over at business for Scotland argues that Nicholas Sturgeon needs to create an alternative economic vision for Scotland and she needs to do it quick.

Hollywood is goes for the shenanigans in the USA at the moment comparing it to Watergate.

James Kelly at Scott goes pop lays out what has happened and what he thinks will happen in Catalonia.

Stuart Campbell of wings over Scotland lays out how difficult it would be for the Catalans to legally get a referendum let alone independence under the Spanish constitution. He also points out the biased reporting on the subject.

Wee Ginger dug bemoans the lack of substance broadcast by reporting Scotland I think it would be fair to say he considers it a waste of space.

Late but in earnest a blog written by a Catalonian base got tells us how risky it can be at all levels a supporter of independence in Catalonia.

Common space has four new pieces up today one covering the cost of the roll-out of universal credit to local councils and asking if this could be Theresa May’s poll tax moment.

Followed by a piece by Leigh Wilson describing his time recently in Catalonia.

They then have a video of Richard Murphy discussing how house ownership can be viewed as a tax haven, and finally a piece on the expected apology from the first Minister Nicola Sturgeon regarding the pardoning of historic crimes associated with our once draconian homophobic laws.

Bella take the prize for the most content today starting with a short video Boris Johnson in Paris I am gonna presume that this was created to get down with the young folks.

Moving on to a piece entitled Catalonia past and future which gives us a historic breakdown of Catalonia’s political and national past and what the future might hold, this was written before present events unfolded.

The Third piece entitled the dawn of common politics discusses possible new ways of doing politics from the bottom up.

The Fourth pieces much is lighter and discusses the new Astroturf think tank these islands and how easily they got pieces into our mainstream media.

Next up is an amusing video covering the arrests by the FBI in recent American presidential politics.

The final new article is entitled ‘Mueller time’ mostly consists of a Twitter thread wondering how the Republicans will fake the news on this issue.

Mondays Scottish Blog Posts.


Peter a bell at Indy ref two is a short piece criticising the standard of investigative journalism shown by the Herald.

Munguins new Republic also has a piece referencing the ongoing sexual harassment scandal at Westminster and the difference between sexual bullying and the affairs of consenting adults. Munguin also names some names.

Craig Murray has a few thoughts on our sub- Mariners and their drug habits and touches briefly on the sexual harassment both in the services and at Westminster.

Bella Caledonia has a piece by Gordon Guthrie entitled Catalonia Scotland and Europe. A very neat concise and informative piece everyone should read this who has an interest in what is happening at the moment in Catalonia. It spells out simply and clearly the steps that were taken that have resulted in today’s situation in Catalonia.

Magic Bob if you’re listening you should read this nae spin.

Sundays Scottish Blogs


Wilderness of peace takes the time to point out the hypocrisy of nationstates whose own history started in fire and blood when it comes to recognising the right of the people of Catalonia to decide their own future.

Munguins new republic brings us a cascade of soppy pictures to make us smile this Sunday, scroll right to the end of the article for a very useful list of how far to turn your clocks back.

James Kelly over at Scott goes pop, has a pop, at Kenny Farquharson for falling for an Nicholas Sturgeon parody Twitter account. By the way Kenny everybody has stopped talking about Devo anything now nobody believes it would be delivered.

wee Ginger dug’s article today covers the differences between the Catalonian independence movement and our own in Scotland, a wee boost if you’re feeling a wee bit down.

Peter A Bell over at Scotto voce suggests that in order to save itself the EU needs to take a more realistic view to change in the shape of its member states.

Wow Shaun Milne’s piece on Bella today pulls no punches and makes a strong argument for many voices to be heard in the independence movement. Personally I can empathise with his comments, not all kind, about Bella and about and sometimes the bubbles we build for ourselves are just too comfortable.

The second piece on Bella today by Mike small covers the voices which are critical of the Spanish government’s reactions to Catalonian self-determination.