AYE RIGHT RADIO £60 Million Is Nothing. Video 262 Audio 19 S3

£60 million Is Nothing  

  • BBC Politics;…Lynsey Bews,  Graham Stewart,  70% of infected not self isolating,  £500 Gov support?,  Welsh FM accuses,  lockdown till summer?,  extend travel ban,  keep schools closed,  UKGov in denial,  ‘vaccination a distraction’,  kids NOT immune…
  • Covid briefing review;…Covid case rate down to 7%,  hospitals and ICU stable,  daily deaths 71,  FM  stresses/details dangers in supermarkets…brushes off police care home deaths inquiry and building work at Bute House…
  • Main review;…Spectator Royal Commission delay,  Colonel Ruth Davidson,  Lizzie Hoose,  Nissan bribe,  Channel Tunnel refilled,  Watergate at Holyrood,  the Scotsman/Johnston Press,  nukes illegal,  Holyrood list voting,  Greens,  ISP,  Galloway,  Brexit…
  • Sturgeon scandal;…James Mathews SKY story vanishes,  gagging orders,  Lord Advocate and £60m loss,  Craig Murray trial,  Lady Dorian,  Gordon Dangerfield,  alphabet women,  maybe I’m talking p**h…
Opinions by Phil Attridge, Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton, Stewart Lochhead

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£60 Million Is Nothing

Aye Right Radio videocast 239 podcast 299. Foxhunting Galloway

Foxhunting Galloway  

  • Phil Attridge rejoins the gang today.   
  • We offer advice to the SNP on the Brexit Deal vote in Westminster this week.  
  • Keir Starmer gets another roasting.  
  • We wonder when the rows over the Brexit Deal facts will start.  
  • Further developments are expected when Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon appear before the Harassment Inquiry next month. 
  • We speculate on the political future of Andy Wightman and for the Greens in Scotland.  
  • Foxhunting and George Galloway finish the show. 
Opinions by Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Stewart Lochhead and Jimmy Hutton

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Foxhunting Galloway

Aye Right Radio videocast 161 podcast 221. Full Business Day at FMQs

Full Business Day at FMQs

The best FMQs for months had Ruth in gentle mode and  Richard, Patrick and Willie all a bit pushy.  It was students and their accommodation that had them all excited.  Like cruise ships, said Patrick, giving me visions of shared booze, casual sex and virus.  What a cocktail.   

Testing capacity was challenged and got FM push back. Negative tests and human behaviour was also disputed.   

Social housing, the 80s miners strike, BiFab, FairStart, football and soft play also featured.   

The new Sunak job support plan gets detailed, Geo Galloway gets roasted and you need a passport to visit Kent.

Audio podcast 221.

Aye Right Radio videocast 140 podcast 200.

Limited press briefing coverage of a relaxed FM Sturgeon but an intense connected discussion covering;
Ruth Wishart on the dark forces promoting the March on Holyrood/Saving Scotland rallies in Edinburgh and Glasgow Green on Saturday 5th. with David Icke reptiles, Covid deniers, anti-5g and fascists…..
Iain Lawson on the economic collapse of our city centres. SKY poll reveals footfall in August only 17% of normal and predict 80% non return of home workers. Invest in Fife?
Merkel’s refugee gamble pays off in Germany but the BBC wont tell you that.
Geo Kerevan cautions us about Geo Galloway the indefatigable disrupter allied with Gove and Cummings spending money from Steve Bannon.
ScotTory Douglas Ross gets grilled and toasted by BBCs Gary Robertson.Who knew?

Audio podcast 200.

Aye Right Radio videocast 134 podcast 194.

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The Allegedly Episode: Nothing we said today is true;
Johnson in a tent, Gove & Galloway are just friends, Murdoch isn’t starting a News TV channel, Alex Neil isn’t a rebel anymore, Andrew Neil didn’t noise up the cybernats, Geo Kerevan still loves Red Rose, nobody shouted peadophile at Buck House, Tony Benn did sell off our oil, everybody is spying, the Greens & Lib-Dems pop up and Ruth & Dougie are still missing.

Audio podcast 194.


Aye Right Radio videocast 132 podcast 192.

BBC Scotland News presenter delivers biased Scottish Government Baad intro to press briefing.
Also at the presser…Coupar Angus factory outbreak “thousands in home isolation”.
‘Alliance for Unity’ allies Geo Galloway, Andrew Neil & Michael Gove;
Murdoch, Sarah Vine, Barclay Bros, Trump, Bannon, Peat Worrier, Scottish Fabians;
Jason Michael on Progressive Politics & Indy;
James Kelly on polls.

Audio Podcast 192.

Aye Right Radio videocast 120 podcast 180.

Aberdeen outbreak catches Dons…FM skelps Aberdeen FC and yellow cards go to the Club and players;
SQA stooshie gets short shrift and hacks get skelped by FM;
Peter A Bell uneasy about the Unionist mini-panic;
BLiS rubbished…Murray & Findlay scorned…old guard admired;
Joyce McMillan, Peter Oborne mentioned;
Gorgeous George ridiculed.

Audio podcast 180.