AYE RIGHT RADIO Grounds for Cautious Optimism. Video 264 Audio 21 S3

Grounds for Cautious Optimism 

  • Maybe the Covid virus has peaked again in Scotland?…The figures have steadied…The hacks story will be that Scotland lags England in the vaccination race though…
  • The BBC SNPbaad intro show had a London BBC reporter comparing with Scotland…apples and oranges…
  • We comment about the SNP National Assembly stitch-up…We bitch about George Kerevan’s SNP leadership race article…there’s a Bella ‘Lefty No to Yes’ story that gets memories going…Iain Lawson takes on the ‘blogger bullies’…Craig Murray says that the Crown Office still won’t reveal the Murrell/Ruddick evidence that the Inquiry demands…and Kenny MacAskill says Indyref2 in 2021 is impossible…
  • There’s no Sturgeon V Salmond stooshie today.
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Jimmy Hutton

Audio podcast

Grounds for Cautious Optimism

Aye Right Radio videocast 258 podcast 15 S3. Look Down On The Serfs

 Look Down On The Serfs  

It was a brief Covid briefing and only 14 journalists turned up…Perhaps they were warned that Covid only questions were allowed…The figures have plateaued so the focus was on the vaccination roll-out and comparisons with England…

The Review

  • It’s an eclectic mix of topics as we cover;…
  • The social media responses to Robin McAlpine and Craig Murray…
  • The SNP re-launch of yet another plan to think about how to have a referendum…
  • Charlotte St Partners,  the House of Lords and Norries support for an unelected second chamber…
  • Peter A Bell on a camel from George Kerevan…
  • Denise Findlay’s history of Nicola Sturgeon as FM…
  • Monica Lennon’s chance to lead Scottish Labour…
  • Exiled Scot Gavin Esler’s lost view of Scotland…
  • And Scottish fish lorries protesting in London.
Opinions by Phil Attridge, Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton, Stewart Lochhead

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Look Down On The Serfs

Aye Right Radio videocast 252 podcast 9 S3. Dubai Travel Ban

Dubai Travel Ban  

Today’s show is long on news and short on opinionators. 

The Covid press briefing covered the latest figures including vaccinations for the first time.  Hospitalised infections exceed the April peak and 1100 vaccination sites opened.  

  • Other topics include;
  • Court trials delayed.  
  • Dubai travel ban.  
  • Football inc Celtic FC stooshie.  
  • Stricter exercise rules.  
  • Vaccination supplies.  
  • Sturgeon V Salmond..truth?  
  • Covid rules enforcement.  
  • Covid deniers protest.  
  • Reform party launch.  
  • Online education delays.  
  • Kerevan article.  
  • BBC extended their briefing coverage to editorialise more. 
Opinions by Phil Attridge, Stewart Lochhead

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Dubai Travel Ban

Aye Right Radio videocast 234 podcast 294. Hairbrush for Boris

Hairbrush for Boris  

  • Today’s fulsome press briefing expanded on the emergency one on Sunday.  The senior hacks were back with some awkward questions and we ended up with a lot of important details about the new Covid restrictions..  The FM was supported by the Chief Constable and the Chief Medical Officer.  
  • There’s more disagreement over the strength of the restrictions and police enforcement etc.  
  • In the papers review Jimmy roasts Kevin McKenna and Stewart continues with more on the Keir Starmer planned DEVO speech.  
  • Also mentioned are;  Iain Lawson,  Jason Leitch, Stuart Cosgrove,  George Kerevan,  JohnLe Carre and a hairbrush for Boris? 
Opinions by Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton and Stewart Lochhead

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Hairbrush for Boris

Aye Right Radio videocast 218 podcast 278. Elite Travel

Elite Travel

  • DFM John Swinney took the podium at today’s press briefing.
  • Vaccinations, schools and travel freedom from quarantine / social isolation for elites dominated the presser and our commentary.
  • We also reviewed Joanna Cherry’s article in the National and even managed a bit about the new YES ALBA steering committee make-up.

Audio podcast 278.

Elite Travel

Aye Right Radio videocast 205 podcast 265. Legal Travel Ban

Legal Travel Ban

  • It was noisy at the back of the Holyrood chamber during FMQs today but the Presiding Officer was lenient.
  • The consequences of the legal travel ban and the definition of an ‘essential journey’ were highlights and the FM enjoyed quoting the First Minister of Wales back to Richard Leonard @LabourRichard .   
  • The fall-out from last Saturday’s AUOB Assembly continues with our view of the reactions of @GeorgeKerevan , Mike Small and Peter A Bell @BerthanPete    
  • @RichardJMurphy entertains us with a description of a Scottish ‘Young Fabians’ meeting which he attended with Jackie Ballie @jackiebmsp and Kevin Hague @kevverage 
  •  “I then told them that since the quality of political and economic debate on The Bake Off was bound to be of a higher calibre than that in this meeting that was what I was going to watch, and left the meeting.”

Audio podcast 265.

Aye Right Radio videocast 202 podcast 262. AUOB Assembly

AUOB Assembly

  • Reports on the AUOB Assembly to map the future of the YES movement and to form an organising structure dominate today’s show followed by the usual reports on the Sunday morning politics TV shows.
  • Then a final view on the future of PM Johnson following the removal of Dominic Cummings from No10.

Audioo podcast 262

Aye Right Radio videocast 180 podcast 240. Future Shape of Scotland

Future Shape of Scotland

A short press briefing had hacks trolling for headlines.

‘Your F.A.C.T.S message is too complex” says Jack Frost. ‘Only coz you lot aren’t doing your job’ says the FM. ‘Your stuck with a failed UK test system aren’t you?’ says Conor Matchet. ‘Are you going to shut the schools?’ ‘Will the Police get info about people self isolationing.

Then we follow with a bad tempered ‘debate’ about Andrew Wilson, Ben Wray, Mike Small, George Kerevan and Ruth Wishart about what an Indy Scotland could/should be like.

Audio podcast 240

Aye Right Radio videocast 175 podcast 235. Showing Elevated Stress

Showing Elevated Stress

Press Briefing

After a UK4 COBRA meeting a 3 tier alert system seems likely to align with Scotland. Covid will become endemic, coach travel is a transmission risk, the hacks are still obsessed with a cafe V restaurant distinction, don’t make Xmas plans yet BUT if you take your medicine now Santa Nicola might bring you a present. Asked about Salmond inquiry questions on TV and displaying ‘elevated stress’ the FM said ‘I can’t control TV questions’.

George Kerevan’s article in the National about Salmond leading a pro-indy unity party gets short shrift especially from Jimmy who is also unhappy about the treatment of the hospitality business. The BBC gets attacked by 4 SNP MPs plus Peter A Bell and the National prints another impressive front page.

Audio podcast 235

Aye Right Radio videocast 169 podcast 229. Wait and See Monday

Wait and See Monday

Resolution was short at today’s press press briefing. The ‘temporal reset’, AKA ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures, as she doesn’t like to call it, decisions depend on firstly the clinicians report due at a meeting this afternoon, secondly a UK four nations (UK$) meeting (presumably about financial support for any lockdown) also today and then tomorrow morning a Scottish Cabinet meeting before a statement at Holyrood. Interesting briefing topics included, quarantining in Wales for travellers from England hotspots, the missing thousands of Covid cases in England and capital punishment for Margaret Ferrier. Simon Johnson of the Telegraph and Michael Blakeley of the Mail were sent to the naughty step and Mark Francois featured too.

The BBC1 SNPbaad show featured Jackie Baillie. We also cover Ireland, North and South., Iain Lawson’s suggestion that the FM should split her roles to permit scrutiny of the Tory government and George Kerevan’s interesting ideas about digital currency in reference to an independent Scotland.

Audio podcast 229.

Think we might have a wee chat about this tomorrow from the Spectators coffeehouse shots podcast. My opinion is they don’t know too much about Scottish independence.