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National Assembly Day 

  • We begin with three BBC shows;…
  • The Andrew Marr show featured UK Health Minister Hancock and Scotland’s FM Sturgeon with Glenn Campbell opining…Then the Politics Scotland show anchored by Andrew Kerr which featured DFM John Swinney and had Glenn Campbell – again…Finally The Big Question presented by Nicky Campbell worried about social media…
  • We then review Iain MacWhirter’s piece in the Herald exposing corruption at the Crown Office (prosecution service) led by Lord Advocate James Wolfe which Iain links to the Salmond V Sturgeon scandal…which we then discuss in depth…
  • Also mentioned are;…Anas Sarwar,  Rape Crisis Scotland,  NHS health boards,  Gordon Dangerfield and SKY’s James Mathews disappearing reports,  Peter A Bell,  the Real McKay seafood and the Red Hand Commando.

Correction and apology. Lord Advocate James Wolffe apologised on behalf of Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland. “Having previously defended the case, the Lord Advocate has now admitted that the Crown, under his predecessor Frank Mulholland QC, acted unlawfully during a substantial part of the proceedings. Documents recovered by the pursuers’ advisers show senior Crown Office lawyers speaking about the “need to nail the Duff & Phelps people” – referring to the pursuers’ firm at the time of their appointment as administrators. The court heard that no minutes appeared to exist of meetings chaired by Mr Mulholland to discuss strategy in the case.”

Opinions by Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Stewart Lochhead

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National Assembly Day

Fridays Scottish Blogs






Indy ref two brings us to pieces today the first by Alan Knight a video with written comment comment on the subject of Ruth Davidson or as I like to think of the elusive Ruth Davidson. Unless of course it’s something that bigs her up.

The second piece is also a video this time of Alex Salmon’s new talk show.


Holyrood chronicles has two concise pieces today one on the times description of a modern day Conservative, the second piece concerning David Davidson’s idea that politics should not trump prosperity or something.


Munguin’s Republic also goes with the News Watch Scotland video covering the BBC’s protective embrace of Ruth Davidson.


James Kelly at Scot goes pop references a Twitter spat between Leask of the Herald and it seems everyone who supports independence. I doubt Mr Leask will lower himself to read this but I think Mr Kelly gives good advice.


Arc of prosperity looks at the nuts and bolts of minimum pricing how will the shops who sell the alcohol will react with their pricing policy.


Iain McWhirter wonders if the Brexiteers are actually anarchists in this article remoulded from the Herald


Caitlin Logan goes with the suspension from the party of SNP SMP Mark McDonald who resigned recently from the frontbench.

Robin McAlpine goes with hypocrisy and how difficult some people find it to toe the right and accepted line.

John Paul Clark has a piece on the homeless and what is unconditional love.

Caitlin Logan pops up again with a piece on bullying at North Lanarkshire Council.

And again Miss Logan has a piece on bullying in an Edinburgh private school.


Mike small takes a wee look at the Herald’s prize-giving day and notes that you can get a prize for criticising another prizewinner.

Mike again has a video up covering mountains and mountains of plastic generated by our Christmas excesses.

George Monbiot has a video about why the present government hates you.

The final piece is a review of photographer Martin Parr’s work on the clichés of Scotland.


The good news blog, Talking up Scotland, has a piece on Scotland being the most productive part of the UK outside of, yes you guessed it, London and the south.

A link to a landmark study which suggests Tory austerity is responsible for 120,000 deaths.

The third piece is a rather interesting look at how street names may affect how you view yourself. For instance anyone living in Union Square, how did you vote in the 2014 referendum?

Talking up Scotland final piece for today asks whether the Scottish Tories will try to steal the credit for overturning the ridiculous situation where the police and fire brigade in Scotland are the only ones in the UK expected to pay VAT.

Wednesday Scottish Blogs





Gordon McIntyre Kemp makes the case for a Scottish national investment bank to encourage entrepreneurs.


Holyrood chronicles touches on the Panama papers and Margaret Hodge’s call for the Chancellor to do something about tax avoidance.


Munguin’s Republic has a heart warming video followed by a piece on the nonsense about wearing a kilt to the Cenotaph with several pictures pointing out if you can go to war in a kilt you can pay your respects to the fallen in a kilt.


James Kelly at Scott goes pop has the latest phantom power journey to yes video and suggests we need to talk about the monarchy as part of independence.


Wings over Scotland has published a video entitled the only game in town and covers the shenanigans surrounding PFI contracts in north Ayrshire. This 40 minute video is well worth a watch as it looks at every level of the contract including the police enquiry.


Wee Ginger dug gets very annoyed about misleading headlines in the Herald but still manages to be as entertaining as ever.


Craig Murray’s no been weel.


Gerry Hassan writes a review of Gordon Brown’s latest tome with a special emphasis on Mr Brown’s lack of self-awareness.


Iain MacWhirter looks at universal credit and suggest that anyone supporting it including the SNP could find that support even if partially critical could find it comes back to bite them.


Scotto voice has two contributions today one from David I Steel a new name to me in the blogging sphere asking the question is it okay to appear on Russian TV.

Peter A Bell goes with the reasons democracy needs many voices to work, regardless of where those voices originate.


Common Space has four new pieces up today the first from Liam Stevenson on male attitudes towards women.

Another piece on rent controls from Caitlin Logan.

Again Caitlin Logan writes on the call from the SNP for a reset should Westminster reject any Brexit deal. The reset would in effect keep the present terms of EU membership in place.

Finally there is a policy document from Common Weal on the problem with the private rented sector which looks For answers including more social housing.


Ever wondered what would make MPs audibly gas in the House of Commons? Mike small tells us in this piece about meaningless votes in the Brexit mess.

In Mike’s second piece of the day we travel to Faslane where Rob Edwards has been questioning why Trident safety reports have suddenly become classified as secret. There is also a link here to donate to the Faslane peace camp.

Next up is a video supporting the stop funding hate campaign and antidote to the John Lewis Christmas advert.

Finally Bella gives a platform to Nicholas Wilson who you may know better from Twitter as Mr ethical. He lists All the misdeeds of HSBC and points out the web of advertising connections that allows HSBC to stay under the radar of scrutiny from our major news outlets. The Panama papers have a lot to answer for.


Prof Robertson has four new articles up today kicking off with the news Scotland is to host the next Arctic circle forum, this coming weekend, and also lists many of the pluses in green energy recently achieved in our ain wee country.

The second article covers the possibility that the Scottish government will tax private schools as businesses, this is mostly based on an article in The Times and as such may be a load of nonsense.

More good news follows with information that a new GP contract has been negotiated by the Scottish government in an attempt to maintain the quality of our Scottish GPs working lives. Some interesting stats showing the difference between Scotland and the rUK when it comes to the quality-of-life for Scottish GPs.

Next up did you know that Scotland had the U.K.’s largest hydrogen powered bus fleet? Well it does and here John Robertson outlines some of the other hydrogen-based improvements in the world of power.

Thought control Scotland as other blogs have, also goes with the newly released video from Phantom Power ‘The Only Game in Town’ no commentary on this just the video.