AYE RIGHT RADIO National Assembly Day. Video 263 Audio 20 S3

National Assembly Day 

  • We begin with three BBC shows;…
  • The Andrew Marr show featured UK Health Minister Hancock and Scotland’s FM Sturgeon with Glenn Campbell opining…Then the Politics Scotland show anchored by Andrew Kerr which featured DFM John Swinney and had Glenn Campbell – again…Finally The Big Question presented by Nicky Campbell worried about social media…
  • We then review Iain MacWhirter’s piece in the Herald exposing corruption at the Crown Office (prosecution service) led by Lord Advocate James Wolfe which Iain links to the Salmond V Sturgeon scandal…which we then discuss in depth…
  • Also mentioned are;…Anas Sarwar,  Rape Crisis Scotland,  NHS health boards,  Gordon Dangerfield and SKY’s James Mathews disappearing reports,  Peter A Bell,  the Real McKay seafood and the Red Hand Commando.

Correction and apology. Lord Advocate James Wolffe apologised on behalf of Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland. “Having previously defended the case, the Lord Advocate has now admitted that the Crown, under his predecessor Frank Mulholland QC, acted unlawfully during a substantial part of the proceedings. Documents recovered by the pursuers’ advisers show senior Crown Office lawyers speaking about the “need to nail the Duff & Phelps people” – referring to the pursuers’ firm at the time of their appointment as administrators. The court heard that no minutes appeared to exist of meetings chaired by Mr Mulholland to discuss strategy in the case.”

Opinions by Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Stewart Lochhead

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National Assembly Day

Aye Right Radio videocast 231 podcast 291. Conversion Campaign

Conversion Campaign  

  • Today’s show begins with Brexit and ends with a Conversion Campaign.  
  • We effectively segue neatly through the topics making it a single connected conversation. 
  • On the way we mention issues raised in articles by Peter A Bell,  Jo Cherry and Iain Lawson.  
  • You can’t leave the club and keep the privileges;   
  • making a U-turn may not be that painful;  
  • Welsh Labour have shamed BLiS (viz Iain Murray) and led the way for a legal challenge of the Internal Market Bill which gives Lord Advocate James Wolfe a quandary in Scotland;  
  • Iain Lawson challenges the SNP old guard especially those on wages and reminds us of the failure of the 2017 campaign. 
Opinions by Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton, Stewart Lochhead

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Conversion Campaign

Aye Right Radio videocast 174 podcast 234. Nicola on Sophie Ridge

Nicola on Sophie Ridge

The Lord Advocate, James Wolfe, may have taken on Twitter by his latest attack on Craig Murray.
The FM had a dreadful interview with Sophie Ridge on SKY News.
Even Tory leaders in the North of England (not ‘The North’) are challenging the UK Government.
The latest Survation poll of Scottish intentions gets roasted,
The SNP careerists and carpetbaggers issue has an airing and the upcoming conference is highlighted.

Auddio podcast 234.

Aye Right Radio videocast 164 podcast 224. MSM Roast Some Tories

MSM Roast Some Tories.

At the presser; Students and the virus dominated proceedings, The high virus figures from the weekend are not so bad when a daily average is examined, The FM gets annoyed and a bit political with the Mail, the Times and the Courier hacks. Is this a change since the BBC politicised the broadcast?

Elsewhere; we cover the cost of tests, who pays for them?, Scottish water to England, problems facing the FM, the Crown Office and Lord Advocate James Wolfe.

Clips of DRoss and Gary Robertson on BBC radio plus Matt Hancock on Channel 4 news with Jon Snow entertaining us.

Audio podcast 224.

Aye Right Radio videocast 157 podcast 217. Bella Caledonia’s Mike Small features and Dani Garavelli gets roasted

Mike Small features and Dani Garavelli gets roasted

  • Reviews of Marr and Brewer then articles by Dani Garavelli and Mike Small have us ranging far and wide.
  • Lockdowns in England and maybe Scotland too, fines, furlough, DRoss, Jeane Freeman, missing lockdowns in London?.
  • Reviewing Garavelli brings up the Salmond Inquiry and all that covers; Sue Ruddick, COPFS, James Wolffe, Peter Murrell.
  • Finishing with Bella’s article which oddly appears to be based on our topics from this last week.
  • Trivia mentioned includes Mrs Gove AKA Sarah Vine, Francis Urquhart, Carry On Boris.

Audio podcast 217.

Aye Right Radio videocast 147 podcast 207.

Covid is back and spreading so the press briefing was a serious influencing event with Jason Leitch backing Nicola Sturgeon….Two hacks asked non Covid questions and got skelped….Also disciplined were anti-Covid protesters and an Aberdeen unionist politician?….The Brexit bourach is also back and we decide that maybe Boris breaking international treaties suits the campaign for an iScotland….On indyref2 we cover leadership and project management which leads us to the Salmond Inquiry where disgraced Lord Chancellor James Wolfe nervously faced the committee and was obliged to agree to release more vital documents….and finally the Tories are “burning the union in a bonfire of their vanity” according tae the Dug.

Audio podcast 207