AYE RIGHT RADIO National Assembly Day. Video 263 Audio 20 S3

National Assembly Day 

  • We begin with three BBC shows;…
  • The Andrew Marr show featured UK Health Minister Hancock and Scotland’s FM Sturgeon with Glenn Campbell opining…Then the Politics Scotland show anchored by Andrew Kerr which featured DFM John Swinney and had Glenn Campbell – again…Finally The Big Question presented by Nicky Campbell worried about social media…
  • We then review Iain MacWhirter’s piece in the Herald exposing corruption at the Crown Office (prosecution service) led by Lord Advocate James Wolfe which Iain links to the Salmond V Sturgeon scandal…which we then discuss in depth…
  • Also mentioned are;…Anas Sarwar,  Rape Crisis Scotland,  NHS health boards,  Gordon Dangerfield and SKY’s James Mathews disappearing reports,  Peter A Bell,  the Real McKay seafood and the Red Hand Commando.

Correction and apology. Lord Advocate James Wolffe apologised on behalf of Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland. “Having previously defended the case, the Lord Advocate has now admitted that the Crown, under his predecessor Frank Mulholland QC, acted unlawfully during a substantial part of the proceedings. Documents recovered by the pursuers’ advisers show senior Crown Office lawyers speaking about the “need to nail the Duff & Phelps people” – referring to the pursuers’ firm at the time of their appointment as administrators. The court heard that no minutes appeared to exist of meetings chaired by Mr Mulholland to discuss strategy in the case.”

Opinions by Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Stewart Lochhead

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National Assembly Day

Aye Right Radio videocast 261 podcast 18 S3. Worst Excess Deaths in 129 yrs

Worst Excess Deaths in 129 yrs

That’s fake news broadcast by BBC Scotland BTW…

  • Deputy FM John Swinney held the Covid press briefing supported by NCD Jason Leitch…The game was ‘let’s compare vaccinations with England” and make ScotGov look bad on the day the UK death rate reached another awful peak…
  • From the past came a poll about a prosecution of former PM Tony Blair…
  • Alex Salmond’s former Chief of Staff, Geoff Aberdein, has been barred from giving evidence of a conspiracy against his boss to the Holyrood inquiry…
  • Nicola Sturgeon is England’s favourite political leader…Who knew?…
  • Lesley Riddoch analyses the detail in the latest poll by Scot Goes Pop…
  • We all have a go at the threat to free speech from the woke division.
Opinions by Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart, Stewart Lochhead, Phil Attridge

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Worst Excess Deaths in 129 yrs

Aye Right Radio videocast 251 podcast 8 S3. Critical Response to Covid

Critical Response to Covid 

  • The Sunday morning political TV shows get reviewed. Linsey Bews hosted BBC’s Politics Scotland with guests Professor Steve Reicher and DFM John Swinney. We also cover Ridge and Marr as usual.  
  • We have a serious debate following the publication of evidence prepared by Alex Salmond for the James Hamilton inquiry. Hamilton is responding to FM Nicola Sturgeon after she ‘reported’ herself about whether she misled Parliament over meetings with Salmond in 2018.  
  • Possible delays to the Holyrood 2021 General Election come up and also Council elections in England.
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Jimmy Hutton

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Critical Response to Covid

Aye Right Radio videocast 218 podcast 278. Elite Travel

Elite Travel

  • DFM John Swinney took the podium at today’s press briefing.
  • Vaccinations, schools and travel freedom from quarantine / social isolation for elites dominated the presser and our commentary.
  • We also reviewed Joanna Cherry’s article in the National and even managed a bit about the new YES ALBA steering committee make-up.

Audio podcast 278.

Elite Travel

Aye Right Radio videocast 201b podcast 261. Celebrating a Scotland Win

Celebrating a Scotland Win Upsets Unionists. Who knew?

  • The Deputy FM, John Swinney, took the podium to answer for the Scottish Government and NOT the SNP as he scolded a tabloid hack at the press briefing.
  • Lockdown level restrictions might be coming for some areas of Scotland. Changes of testing and quarantine periods were mentioned. The impact of Covid in Winter and especially over Xmas upon the NHS is a concern.
  • An article by Joanna Cherry in the National where she challenges Alan Smyth’s position leads to a rammie between Norry and Stewart.
  • There’s another poll with good news for independence.
  • John Nicholson roasts Tory toady Ben Bradley on TV.
  • Celebrating a Scotland win upsets Unionists. Who knew?

Audio podcast 261.

Aye Right Radio videocast 189 podcast 249. Transit With a Sofa in the Back

Transit With a Sofa in the Back 

Stewart Lochhead and Norry Stewart discuss…….

DFM John Swinney delivered the Covid press briefing and a few junior reporters turned up….

Incubation,  Immunity and  Mutation were all explained by Jason Leitch….

The Starmer suspension of Corbyn from the Labour party over anti-semetism gets a roasting….

A new Indy poll headlines 56% for YES and we drill down into the interesting details as does Stuart Campbell who links to the awful SNP decision to ban any debate about a Plan B at the upcoming Conference.

Audio podcast 249.

Aye Right Radio videocast 124 podcast 184.

Stewat still absent away in the Highlands, so it’s left to Jimmy and Norrie to scrutinise first Minister’s questions today. Ruth day with back fronting for the Tories I think it’s fair to say that Nicola got the better of their exchanges. Education top of the agenda, Patrick Harvey going on evictions and Richard Leonard following Ruth, hunting for John Swinney’s head. A new poll out today good news for the SNP and independence and we chat about how much the Holyrood enquiry into the Salmond affair is beginning to look like a second court trial.

Audio podcast 184.