AYE RIGHT RADIO Grounds for Cautious Optimism. Video 264 Audio 21 S3

Grounds for Cautious Optimism 

  • Maybe the Covid virus has peaked again in Scotland?…The figures have steadied…The hacks story will be that Scotland lags England in the vaccination race though…
  • The BBC SNPbaad intro show had a London BBC reporter comparing with Scotland…apples and oranges…
  • We comment about the SNP National Assembly stitch-up…We bitch about George Kerevan’s SNP leadership race article…there’s a Bella ‘Lefty No to Yes’ story that gets memories going…Iain Lawson takes on the ‘blogger bullies’…Craig Murray says that the Crown Office still won’t reveal the Murrell/Ruddick evidence that the Inquiry demands…and Kenny MacAskill says Indyref2 in 2021 is impossible…
  • There’s no Sturgeon V Salmond stooshie today.
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Jimmy Hutton

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Grounds for Cautious Optimism

Aye Right Radio videocast 241 podcast 301. PARTITION


  • Today we begin with the Brexit votes in Holyrood and Westminster.  After that we range across/mention in rough order…
  • Points of order,  Ian Blackford,  Ian Duncan Smith,  Keir Starmer,  Michael Gove,  Mark Francois,  disruption of Commons business,  Kenny MacAskill,  Labour leader in Scotland,  Richard Leonard,  Anas Sarwar,  Jackie Baillie,  Jenny Marra,  drown in a car park,  Neil Findlay,  The Vow,  Daily Record,  wobbly nose,  Jason Michael,  Murray Foote,  British spies,  Auchtermuchty,  77th. Brigade,  Scottish Press subsidy,  free press,  Leveson inquiry,  SNP manifesto,  UDI,  PARTITION.
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton, Phil Attridge

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Aye Right Radio videocast 167 podcast 227. The Margaret Ferrier Press Briefing

The Margaret Ferrier Press Briefing

Today’s Coronavirus briefing was dominated by the hyena press pack baying about Margaret Ferrier MP who has the Covid virus. Not one hack expressed sympathy to the new sufferer. 775 new positive cases were reported which suggests that the 806 on Monday and the 714 last Saturday are not outliers.

Back to the baying mob; London hacks joined the Scottish based regulars so it must be a crisis though not one raised the case of Dominic Cummings. I wonder why?
The FM was firm and clearly angry. She outlined her decisive action and took the opportunity to press her concern that no-one is above the ‘law’. She did accuse others of ‘rank political opportunism’ and skelped the Daily Mail hack saying ‘whatever I say will never be enough for the Daily Mail’.
On apps, she advised the installation of other UK ‘track and trace ones for use in other jurisdictions.

We also ranged widely across a magazine of topics including; the SNPBaad programme on BBC1, plus ‘positive Donald Trump’ and speculate if he were to die, Joanna Cherry and Peter A Bell proposals, a Scottish currency and the collapse of Sterling, a rosy future for an England without its colonies, fishing rights, Priti Patel and concentration camps on Scottish islands, Kenny MacAskill raising questions about SNP accounts, when the Internal market bill will be law, why Peter Murrell ‘knifed’ Alex Salmond?, why the SNP have engaged top lawyers and finally the secrets of the Aye Right Radio WhatsApp board.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 156 podcast 216.Fire-Break or Circuit Break? FM wants COBRA meeting

Fire-Break or Circuit Break? FM wants COBRA meeting

Indyref1 Anniversary
Shona Craven…Peter A Bell
Press briefing
2nd.Wave Alert…COBRA?..Fire-break Lockdown?
Salmond Scandal
Kenny MacAskill…Stuart Campbell…Iain Lawson…Peter Murrell…Sue Ruddick…Craig Murray…Mark Hirst…Alan Bisset
Joanna Cherry…Lord Keen..

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Aye Right Radio videocast 155 podcast 215. Uneventful FMQs.

Uneventful FMQs.

Ruth played safe, asked about a crime victim and avoided embarrassing her London boss. Testing failures across the UK came up and the FM skillfully fielded awkward questions.

The FT gets a gold star for accuracy reporting on the threat to the Union. Who knew? Alex Cole-Hamilton gets roasted for his community protest meeting. Angus Brendan McNeil upsets Boris. Alister Union Jack confesses he is a Unionist. Kenny MacAskill gets a shout as does Peter A Bell.

Audio podcast 215.