Aye Right Radio videocast 261 podcast 18 S3. Worst Excess Deaths in 129 yrs

Worst Excess Deaths in 129 yrs

That’s fake news broadcast by BBC Scotland BTW…

  • Deputy FM John Swinney held the Covid press briefing supported by NCD Jason Leitch…The game was ‘let’s compare vaccinations with England” and make ScotGov look bad on the day the UK death rate reached another awful peak…
  • From the past came a poll about a prosecution of former PM Tony Blair…
  • Alex Salmond’s former Chief of Staff, Geoff Aberdein, has been barred from giving evidence of a conspiracy against his boss to the Holyrood inquiry…
  • Nicola Sturgeon is England’s favourite political leader…Who knew?…
  • Lesley Riddoch analyses the detail in the latest poll by Scot Goes Pop…
  • We all have a go at the threat to free speech from the woke division.
Opinions by Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart, Stewart Lochhead, Phil Attridge

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Worst Excess Deaths in 129 yrs

Aye Right Radio videocast 255 podcast 12 S3. A Lobster Rosette

A Lobster Rosette  

  • Our review is a Salmond V Sturgeon psychodrama-free zone but the press asked questions about it at the Covid press briefing which featured Dr. Nicola Steedman and Dr. Alisdair Cook supporting the FM.   
  • The figures revealed another peak in hospital capacity but otherwise levelling off.   
  • Issues included the Brazil variant and a vaccination plan spat with the UKGov. 
  • We discuss the seafood industry Brexit disaster.   
  • A new poll has the SNP looking very strong for the Holyrood election 2021 and support for independence is holding at 57%.   
  • Lesley Riddoch suggests the YES  movement is a healthy demonstration of citizen democracy.  
  • John Curtice says the new Farage party,  dubbed ‘REFUK’ , will damage Unionist parties at the election. 
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Phil Attridge, Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart

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A Lobster Rosette

Aye Right Radio videocast 242 podcast 302. Foot on the Throat of Scotland

Foot on the Throat of Scotland  

  • We begin with the Holyrood Brexit vote to refuse consent for Scotland.  Mike Russell made a barnstorming speech winding up for the Scottish Government.  There’s a clip at the end.  
  • The rest of the show takes a familiar route linking topical issues/people as follows:-.. 
  • FT article offering advice to serious Unionists.  Occupied Scotland,  Trojan horse,  transport infrastructure,  Borders Railway to Carlisle,  direct European transport links,  North Sea electricity inter-connector,  Scottish water,  Lesley Riddoch wins award,  Stewart voted Tory,  Sicilian Mafia think London is more corrupt,  new gangster Lords,  Joanna Cherry,  wheesht for Nicola,  drive for democracy,  100% Scot V 8% Brit.. you figure?,  no UK election for 8 years,  English foot on the throat of Scotland,  taxi full of weapons,  Holyrood campaign.. Nicola Sturgeon has no big idea,  Welsh Labour shame SNP Government.  
Opinions by Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Stewart Lochhead

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Foot on the Throat of Scotland

Aye Right Radio videocast 217 podcast 277. Comment on Alyn Smith OK?

Comment on Alyn Smith OK?

  • Nicola Sturgeon at FMQs ..
  • ‘Phew! Vaccination Questions. Easy peasy’.
  • We learnt more about the Covid jab logistics than UK media have provided.
  • Schools Xmas holidays, exams under Covid, taxi drivers and grouse shooting featured.
  • We then went on to discuss the reaction to the petulant article by Alyn Smith MP and other implications of the SNP NEC changes (don’t call it a revolution) especially a very good article by Lesley Riddoch.
  • And finally we view a BBC rebuttal of the Tory claim that only a Brexit UK could deliver the Pfizer vaccine so fast.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 202 podcast 262. AUOB Assembly

AUOB Assembly

  • Reports on the AUOB Assembly to map the future of the YES movement and to form an organising structure dominate today’s show followed by the usual reports on the Sunday morning politics TV shows.
  • Then a final view on the future of PM Johnson following the removal of Dominic Cummings from No10.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 183 podcast 243. “He Hates the English”

“He Hates the English”

Rishi Sunak ‘revised’ his Covid support and we review that plus the reaction of Labour rising star Anneliese Dodds.   

Norry fails to see what’s wrong with Angela Rayner calling a Tory MP ‘SCUM’ as it’s an acronym for Scottish Conservative Unionist Mp.   

DRoss gets roasted (again) for hypocrisy after proudly using his dinner lady mum to support free school meals in Scotland yet failing to vote for them in England.  Norry reckons he must “Hate the English”   

Lesley Riddoch on the English North gets a mention and according to the FM Jason Leitch needs a Grinch costume for Xmas.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 137 podcast 197.

Featured today;…
The Covid press briefing and then the Gordon Brewer show starring Finance Secretary Kate Forbes.

No deaths, 30,000 tests comleted yesterday, 80% success in contact tracing and quarantine compliance, Daily Heil skelped, TES skelped and a satisfied FM.

GERS dominated the Brewer show and Kate Forbes sorted out Peter McMahon from ITV.
“GERS is a picture of Scotland IN THE UK not an iScotland”
Douglas Fraser unusually was sitting on the indy fence and even Brewer interrupted the Unionist MSPs bawling “Too wee, too poor”

Lesley Riddoch suggested that post Brexit day, Hogmany 2020, Scotland could be a target for seduction. The EU, EFTA and the UK all bidding for an iScotland to join their club.

“Lionel Messi is going to HIBS” says Andy Murray.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 119 podcast 179.

SQA stooshie Part2…FM gives details;
Aberdeen outbreak…Pub crawls at risk…FM “personal responsibility not police matter”;
Johnson Government…PPE contract corruption;
BCIS…New leader Ref Ross blunders…plotter Baroness Porkypie blunders;
Weak Unionist opposition…SNP invents some;
Bomber Baillie…Gets Smart foot shot;
Lesley Riddoch…”Douglas Ross is new Jum Murphy”

Audio podcast 178.

Aye Right Radio videocast 72 podcast 132.

The lads discuss today’s press conference with Nicola’s turn in and get a bit heated and bitchy about Stewarts conspiracy theories. As nickel of the person to lead us into the second independence referendum with reference to Peter a Bell’s blog piece and Lesley Riddoch’s article in the National. Boris’s bonking bubble is also discussed.


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Aye Right Radio videocast 67 podcast 127.

Nicola Sturgeon’s press conference today, the various mistakes and apologies made in the press over the last 24 hours in regard to the SNP and we discussion on the direction of travel for the yes movement.


Audio podcast 127


Michael Barnier this week’s Brexit negotiations