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£60 million Is Nothing  

  • BBC Politics;…Lynsey Bews,  Graham Stewart,  70% of infected not self isolating,  £500 Gov support?,  Welsh FM accuses,  lockdown till summer?,  extend travel ban,  keep schools closed,  UKGov in denial,  ‘vaccination a distraction’,  kids NOT immune…
  • Covid briefing review;…Covid case rate down to 7%,  hospitals and ICU stable,  daily deaths 71,  FM  stresses/details dangers in supermarkets…brushes off police care home deaths inquiry and building work at Bute House…
  • Main review;…Spectator Royal Commission delay,  Colonel Ruth Davidson,  Lizzie Hoose,  Nissan bribe,  Channel Tunnel refilled,  Watergate at Holyrood,  the Scotsman/Johnston Press,  nukes illegal,  Holyrood list voting,  Greens,  ISP,  Galloway,  Brexit…
  • Sturgeon scandal;…James Mathews SKY story vanishes,  gagging orders,  Lord Advocate and £60m loss,  Craig Murray trial,  Lady Dorian,  Gordon Dangerfield,  alphabet women,  maybe I’m talking p**h…
Opinions by Phil Attridge, Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton, Stewart Lochhead

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£60 Million Is Nothing

Aye Right Radio videocast 143 podcast 203.

No Government press briefing today so it’s mostly a media review

Ian Murray, the ONLY Labour MP in Scotland and accused of planning to leave the party has defended his position. British Labour in Scotland in-fighting continues.

On BBC Newsnight Prof John Curtice opined that the Supreme Court might allow a second legal Indyref in the face of a Johnson refusal of a Section 30 order and Phillipa Whiteford MP suggested there is a secret Plan B while besting Jamie Green MSP.

Sam Coates has a wee headline based package on SKY News covering the ‘UNION of the UNITED KINGDOM’ (It’s a new Unionist organisation) and it’s future. Prepare to be disappointed.

George Kerevan suggests that an SNP iScotland government might ‘hand the Scottish economy over to foreign capital’

Activity on the ‘Believe in Scotland’ Facebook group gets us to consider the future shape of an iScotland constitution.

And @SophiaPangloss gets a shout at the close.

Audio podcast 143.