AYE RIGHT RADIO Grounds for Cautious Optimism. Video 264 Audio 21 S3

Grounds for Cautious Optimism 

  • Maybe the Covid virus has peaked again in Scotland?…The figures have steadied…The hacks story will be that Scotland lags England in the vaccination race though…
  • The BBC SNPbaad intro show had a London BBC reporter comparing with Scotland…apples and oranges…
  • We comment about the SNP National Assembly stitch-up…We bitch about George Kerevan’s SNP leadership race article…there’s a Bella ‘Lefty No to Yes’ story that gets memories going…Iain Lawson takes on the ‘blogger bullies’…Craig Murray says that the Crown Office still won’t reveal the Murrell/Ruddick evidence that the Inquiry demands…and Kenny MacAskill says Indyref2 in 2021 is impossible…
  • There’s no Sturgeon V Salmond stooshie today.
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Jimmy Hutton

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Grounds for Cautious Optimism

Aye Right Radio videocast 213 podcast 273. The Good the Bad and the Wokey

The Good the Bad and the Wokey

  • The ‘SNP Goodguys’ and the woke contingent make an entrance today after a short Covid press briefing report.
  • The SNP Conference dominates the show plus a fringe event– The ‘Scottish Currency Group Conference’ which will discuss popular motions pushed aside by the SNP organisers.
  • Also mentioned are Matt Hancock, Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond, Joanna Cherry, Iain Lawson, Robin McAlpine, Boris Johnson.

Audio podcast 273.

Aye Right Radio videocast 210 podcast 270. Let’s Kill Granny

Let’s Kill Granny

  • “The Vindicationists were no enthusiasts for independence any more than were those who subscribed to build the Wallace monument.” wrote Alex Massie who could be writing a plan for D.Ross
  • We find our way into a long discussion about the prospects for Indy and the SNP in May2021
  • Stewart gets controversial about Xmas but don’t call him the Grinch.
  • And Jimmy gets a fare

Audio podcast 270