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£60 million Is Nothing  

  • BBC Politics;…Lynsey Bews,  Graham Stewart,  70% of infected not self isolating,  £500 Gov support?,  Welsh FM accuses,  lockdown till summer?,  extend travel ban,  keep schools closed,  UKGov in denial,  ‘vaccination a distraction’,  kids NOT immune…
  • Covid briefing review;…Covid case rate down to 7%,  hospitals and ICU stable,  daily deaths 71,  FM  stresses/details dangers in supermarkets…brushes off police care home deaths inquiry and building work at Bute House…
  • Main review;…Spectator Royal Commission delay,  Colonel Ruth Davidson,  Lizzie Hoose,  Nissan bribe,  Channel Tunnel refilled,  Watergate at Holyrood,  the Scotsman/Johnston Press,  nukes illegal,  Holyrood list voting,  Greens,  ISP,  Galloway,  Brexit…
  • Sturgeon scandal;…James Mathews SKY story vanishes,  gagging orders,  Lord Advocate and £60m loss,  Craig Murray trial,  Lady Dorian,  Gordon Dangerfield,  alphabet women,  maybe I’m talking p**h…
Opinions by Phil Attridge, Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton, Stewart Lochhead

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£60 Million Is Nothing

Aye Right Radio videocast 206 podcast 266. Is Sturgeon a Devolutionist?

Is Sturgeon a Devolutionist?

  • At today’s press briefing there was some comforting news from Chief Scientific Officer Jason Leitch and FM Nicola Sturgeon about vaccines, the virus management in schools and hospitals and also the limited places where transmission takes place.   
  • Norry and Stewart then discuss further fall-out from Johnson’s ‘devolution is a disaster north of the border’ outburst.   
  • Gordon Brown plus the London commentariat have their go at it and it turns out that Nicola Sturgeon supports the ‘devolusionist’ Andrew Wilson.  Who knew?

Audio podcast 266

Aye Right Radio videocast 102 podcast 162.

In a heated debate the boys cover the Boris Johnson press conference a unionist article in the Spectator and the possible strategies to battle Westminster’s power grab and reach a second independence referendum. Warning gets very heated.


Audio podcast 162.