AYE RIGHT RADIO. Gove-‘Go to Scotland Boris’. video 267 audio 24 S3

Gove-‘Go to Scotland Boris’
  • A dull FMQs with Sturgeon, Davidson, Baillie and Rennie arguing about vaccine delivery and Covid testing, suddenly came alive when Patrick Harvie asked the FM if she had regrets about transphobia in the Scottish Government…Nicola passionately defended her government in the manner of her personal video posted yesterday…
  • Changes to the wording of the Hate Crime Bill appeared to have triggered a social media attack on MP Joanna Cherry by trans-allies…
  • The timing seems to be a distraction as it coincides with the court appearance of Craig Murray and his publishing of evidence which is damaging to the First Minister…
  • PM Johnson’s Scottish visit gets supported by Keir Starmer (who knew?); ..roasted and then welcomed by the gang…
  • Jimmy’s Indy strategy suggestion of deliberately collapsing an SNP government after the May election gets analysed and expect more debate on the idea…
  • Someone suggested that a media mogul put up Michael Gove to persuade Boris Johnson to visit Scotland where he is despised…We wonder why.
Opinions by Jimmy Hutton, Norrie Stewart, Phil Attridge, Stewart Lochhead

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Gove- ‘Go to Scotland Boris’

Aye Right Radio videocast 236 podcast 296. Band of Brexiteers2

 Band of Brexiteers

  • Seasons greetings and thanks to all our viewers and listeners,  wherever you are.  
  • It was the last FMQs at Holyrood before Xmas but apart from the obligatory thanks and best wishes there was little to cheer.  Covid infections are still around 1000 a day.  Care homes are still a ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ issue and Willie Rennie almost starred in a low firmament.  
  • Norrie and Stewart have another ‘debate’ about making progress towards an iScotland in the face of an anticipated refusal to negotiate from London.  
  • Fresh light on the new Covid variant comes from a New York Times article.. Who knew?
Opinions by Stewart Lochhead and Norrie Stewart

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Band of Brexiteers

Aye Right Radio videocast 232 podcast 292. Legacy FMQs Review 09/05/2013

Legacy FMQs Review 09/05/2013

  • Featuring the legendary Alex Grant plus Stewart Lochhead and Norrie Stewart reviewing a typical Alex Salmond FMQs with Joanna Lamont, Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie and Patrick Harvie.  
  • Neil Findlay, Margo McDonald and the un-named Presiding Officer also feature in a period when Sec 30 was under discussion and support for Independence was peaking around 30%+. 
Opinions by Alex Grant, Stewart Lochhead, Norrie Stewart

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Legacy FMQs Review 09/05/2013

Aye Right Radio videocast 230 podcast 290. Drug Deaths Capital

Drug Deaths Capital   

  • Drug deaths dominated FMQs. Ruth Davidson, Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie pressed FM Sturgeon about her responsibility for the scandal.  The three of us had a proper barney about it.  
  • Patrick Harvie raised the Supreme Court decision to approve a third runway at Heathrow and challenged the FM on her support for it.  We also discovered that a Climate Change Plan was published yesterday. We will have to try harder.  
  • A new Comres poll has support for independence at 58% again, meaning there’s now 17 polls in a row proving that ‘freedom’ is now the settled will of the Scottish electorate. 
Opinions by Norrie Stewart, Jimmy Hutton, Stewart Lochhead

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Drug Deaths Capital

Aye Right Radio videocast 217 podcast 277. Comment on Alyn Smith OK?

Comment on Alyn Smith OK?

  • Nicola Sturgeon at FMQs ..
  • ‘Phew! Vaccination Questions. Easy peasy’.
  • We learnt more about the Covid jab logistics than UK media have provided.
  • Schools Xmas holidays, exams under Covid, taxi drivers and grouse shooting featured.
  • We then went on to discuss the reaction to the petulant article by Alyn Smith MP and other implications of the SNP NEC changes (don’t call it a revolution) especially a very good article by Lesley Riddoch.
  • And finally we view a BBC rebuttal of the Tory claim that only a Brexit UK could deliver the Pfizer vaccine so fast.

Audio podcast 277.

Aye Right Radio videocast 212 podcast 272. Tears for Tiers

Tears for Tiers

  • UK Health Minister Matt Hancock announced the new Covid rules for England to follow the end of lockdown by revealing where the tiers would apply and the impact the rules would have in each tier.
  • At FMQs FM Sturgeon was under attack by Ruth Davidson over the Harassment Inquiry and by Richard Leonard over the care home covid deaths tragedy.
  • The SNP internal spat between the establishment represented by Pete Wishart and Alyn Smith and the opposition gets discussed.
  • We finish with a heated argument about the role of Nicola Sturgeon in the Harassment Inquiry.

Audio podcast 272

Aye Right Radio videocast 205 podcast 265. Legal Travel Ban

Legal Travel Ban

  • It was noisy at the back of the Holyrood chamber during FMQs today but the Presiding Officer was lenient.
  • The consequences of the legal travel ban and the definition of an ‘essential journey’ were highlights and the FM enjoyed quoting the First Minister of Wales back to Richard Leonard @LabourRichard .   
  • The fall-out from last Saturday’s AUOB Assembly continues with our view of the reactions of @GeorgeKerevan , Mike Small and Peter A Bell @BerthanPete    
  • @RichardJMurphy entertains us with a description of a Scottish ‘Young Fabians’ meeting which he attended with Jackie Ballie @jackiebmsp and Kevin Hague @kevverage 
  •  “I then told them that since the quality of political and economic debate on The Bake Off was bound to be of a higher calibre than that in this meeting that was what I was going to watch, and left the meeting.”

Audio podcast 265.

Aye Right Radio videocast 200 podcast 260. Boris Puppet Masters

Boris Puppet Masters

  • We discuss In no particular order today, with Jimmy, Stewart and Norry all present…..
  • Test & Protect, Long Covid, Hospitality, Beer, No.10 puppet masters, Spycops, Excess Covid deaths, John Major, Martin Bashir, Lady Diana, INEOS Grangemouth, Trump……
  • And mine’s a Double Referendum.

Audio podcast.

Aye Right Radio videocast 188 podcast 248. Radge in the Cheap Seats

Radge in the Cheap Seats

It’s a big magazine show today with Jimmy , Stewart and Norry…..

The care homes report dominated FMQs…The new Covid management system of levels announced by the FM gets analysed/roasted….Then the gormless Oliver Mundell asked the radge question from the cheap seats about the Salmond Inquiry (or is that the Sturgeon Inquiry now?) and lies to the inquiry by senior civil servants get covered….

Gordon Brewers’s last BBC show gained personal tributes and an exclusive reveal by James Cusick about chaos in No.10 about the SNPBaad ‘attack dog’ civil servants hired by Gove….

The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn by Starmer gets Jimmy annoyed and Labour gets roasted….

Then sewage comes up..We close with the news that the UK Government knows a lot more about us than it likes to admit by testing our waste water which does at least supply early indicators of the presence of Covid

Audio podcast 248.

Aye Right Radio videocast 178 podcast 238. Covid Statement – Virtual FMQs

Covid Statement – Virtual FMQs

A virtual FMQs because it’s ‘recess’ at Holyrood began badly for Ruth.. Her virtual link was faulty..   None of the party leaders seriously challenged the FM who began with a lot of detail of what to expect about the pandemic over the next months..   

Our other topics today included:-  Covid travel bans..   Union Jackery..   ‘Wet pubs’ and what a Level4 might include..   The impact of the 58% YES poll in England..   BBC running an SNPBaad Blackpool story undermining the public health messages..   Free Old Firm TV match..   

And finally we discuss the Dani Garavelli article about the Salmond Inquiry.

Audio podcast 238.