Aye Right Radio videocast 113 podcast 173.

Today the boys talk about Nicola Sturgeon’s statement to Holyrood and what fun Jackson Carlaw gives us all along with his straight man Richard Leonard. We move on to discuss Richard Murphy’s (the economist) latest blog video and piece in The National regarding Scotland’s possible debt to the R.UK should we become independent. Finishing with a wee chat between Norrie and Jimmy about the latest proposal to oversee the disagreements that will be inevitable within the context of a UK internal market.

Audio podcast 173.

Richard Murphy video.

Richard Murphy blog.

Aye Right Radio videocast 109 podcast 169.

Brits stuck in Spain–Mugs in quarantine…
Gerry Hassan–excuses for voting NO…
List Parties–no latest news…
Angus Robertson & Jo Cherry–Who knew?…
Ruth the Mooth…
Jackson Carlaw…
Willie Miller’s Moustache

Audio podcast 169.

Aye Right Radio videocast 97 podcast 157.

Packed show so..it’s a list. Marr/Sturgeon..care home deaths England Vs Scotland..quarantine English residents..no indyref till Covid over. Marr/Gove..”No mandatory masks”..”No Northern Ireland Border posts” Brewer..Testing..aerosol infecting Toby Young..Owen Jones..freedom of speech …and more.


Audio podcast 157.

Aye Right Radio videocast 96 podcast 156.

Mask Friday
FM Sturgeon reminded us to wear masks while summing up the features of Phase3 lockdown exiting. Phase4 could be delayed.
The Scottish media got another bashing.
The main rammie was all about independence/dissolve the union, power corrupts, list parties and on….

Audio podcast 156.

Aye Right Radio videocast 91 podcast 151.

That was wide ranging today… Gordon Brewer featured; on tests, skelped by Jeanne Freeman, on border quarantine, skelped by Stewart and ridiculed by all for producing another party political broadcast for Jackson Carlaw. New promising poll figures from PanelBase in the Sunday Times had a 99 point confidence gap between FM Sturgeon & PM Johnson. Independence was also solid at 54% and got approval. The International Covid comparisons were illuminating. Jason McCann says it’s not a journey but a siege to break that’s how to gain independence. Finally hopes and fears for the immediate future for Scotland and the UK and our expectations fired us off into an excellent low key rammie. (always popular).


Audio podcast 151.

Aye Right Radio videocast 84 podcast 144.

The boys today cover Nicola Sturgeon’s press conference what’s Jackson Carlaw been up to and quite a lot on the international state of the corona virus pandemic. And we have a think about the state of our press and politics when it comes to a less than honest approach.


Audio podcast 144.

Aye Right Radio videocast 82 podcast 142.

It’s Wednesday so it must be Prime Minister’s questions and first Minister’s questions the boys discuss both. We also discuss the Scottish government’s ‘U-turn’on education opening up in August and the complicated new strategy for coming out of lockdown finally we discussed Priti Patel and her offhand manner with questions in the House of Commons.


Audio podcast 142.

Aye Right Radio videocast 79 podcast 139.

Today the guys cover Nicola Sturgeon’s press conference the failure of the Westminster tracing app reaction from the Scottish police Federation to recent demonstrations Nicola’s reaction to Jackson Carlaw and we have a chat about feminism in science and politics.


Audio podcast 139.