Aye Right Radio videocast 220 podcast 280. Closet Republican

Closet Republican

  • It’s the eve of Vaccination Day, the first day of the end of the pandemic (we hope), and the Scottish Government top team appeared at today’s Covid press briefing. The First Minister, the Health Secretary and the Chief Medical Officer radiated a Xmas Eve spirit of expectation. 
  • The press wanted early details of any changes to the tiers of Covid restrictions and got none plus more on the roll-out of the vaccination programme, which they got. 
  • Our papers review include Stephen Paton in the National, James Foley in the Source, Stuart Campbell in Wings and Ruth Wishart in the National.

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Closet Republican

Aye Right Radio videocast 212 podcast 272. Tears for Tiers

Tears for Tiers

  • UK Health Minister Matt Hancock announced the new Covid rules for England to follow the end of lockdown by revealing where the tiers would apply and the impact the rules would have in each tier.
  • At FMQs FM Sturgeon was under attack by Ruth Davidson over the Harassment Inquiry and by Richard Leonard over the care home covid deaths tragedy.
  • The SNP internal spat between the establishment represented by Pete Wishart and Alyn Smith and the opposition gets discussed.
  • We finish with a heated argument about the role of Nicola Sturgeon in the Harassment Inquiry.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 209 podcast 269. Taxi for Jimmy

  • Taxi for Jimmy
  • Care Homes, Schools and Xmas were the hacks obsessions today at the Covid Briefing. ‘I’m not going to speculate’ ‘I’m not going to comment on an email I haven’t read’ said the FM, as the hyenas (sorry cream of the Scottish press) attempted to put words in her mouth.
  • The suicide of Labour in Scotland gets discussed plus an excellent Ruth Wishart article roasting the Unionists.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 180 podcast 240. Future Shape of Scotland

Future Shape of Scotland

A short press briefing had hacks trolling for headlines.

‘Your F.A.C.T.S message is too complex” says Jack Frost. ‘Only coz you lot aren’t doing your job’ says the FM. ‘Your stuck with a failed UK test system aren’t you?’ says Conor Matchet. ‘Are you going to shut the schools?’ ‘Will the Police get info about people self isolationing.

Then we follow with a bad tempered ‘debate’ about Andrew Wilson, Ben Wray, Mike Small, George Kerevan and Ruth Wishart about what an Indy Scotland could/should be like.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 163 podcast 223. Political Battles Ahead

Political Battles Ahead

Press briefing report—-Students, restrictions, schools, circuit breaker?, whose fault?

Holyrood election delay, plan B motion for SNP conference, when is it?, BBC SNPBaad show report, SNP candidate battles, Peter Murrell, Rhiannon Spear, Peter A Bell, Ruth Wishart, TRUMP.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 158 podcast 218. New BBC Politics Show – Coronavirus Update

New BBC Politics Show – Coronavirus Update

The new BBC SNPBaad show launched with a glitch. Watching on BBC Scotland, the only place to see the entire briefing, we missed the awkward contribution from DRoss, broadcast only on BBC 1 Scotland, who clearly hadn’t seen or heard the FM live. After checking the recording it was pity time for Douglas. Now that the briefing is inside a politics show there is nothing to stop the FM ‘being political’. Thanks BBC.

The important Covid briefing alerted us to new restrictions/measures to be announced within 48 hours by the FM.

We cover Stuart Campbell’s accusation of Dani Garavelli lying in her Sunday article as she claimed Alex Salmond had tried to stop vital documents being revealed.

Ruth Wishart tells the young to back Indy to secure the freedoms her/our generation enjoyed.

Dr Elliot Bulmer suggests a constitutional solution to the independence referendum impasse.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 146 podcast 206.

At the press briefing the FM stressed and re-assured us that the rise in Covid infections is important. The restrictions review due this week could see stricter rules. The story about the Johnson government prepared to break the EU Withdrawal Agreement and trash the Brexit Treaty gets coverage. The potential of other trade deals especially with the USA comes up. The ignorance of respected journalist Will Hutton reveals the paucity of understanding Scottish politics in London. Ruth Wishart roasts the London based Scottish dinosaurs and their blood & soil referendum franchise.

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Aye Right Radio videocast 140 podcast 200.

Limited press briefing coverage of a relaxed FM Sturgeon but an intense connected discussion covering;
Ruth Wishart on the dark forces promoting the March on Holyrood/Saving Scotland rallies in Edinburgh and Glasgow Green on Saturday 5th. with David Icke reptiles, Covid deniers, anti-5g and fascists…..
Iain Lawson on the economic collapse of our city centres. SKY poll reveals footfall in August only 17% of normal and predict 80% non return of home workers. Invest in Fife?
Merkel’s refugee gamble pays off in Germany but the BBC wont tell you that.
Geo Kerevan cautions us about Geo Galloway the indefatigable disrupter allied with Gove and Cummings spending money from Steve Bannon.
ScotTory Douglas Ross gets grilled and toasted by BBCs Gary Robertson.Who knew?

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Aye Right Radio videocast 116 podcast 176.

It’s a magazine of content today. Started with George Kerevan, Kenny MacAskill, Wings, Peter A Bell, SNP NEC, a savvy FM Sturgeon, Peter Murrell, Ruth Wishart, no SNP mutiny, more Unionist dirty tricks, UDI, renegotiate the Union and a wee rammie.. Dig in guys. Oh! And chaos.

Audio podcast 176.