Aye Right Radio guest Peter A Bell videocast 70 podcast 130.

Today we have Peter A Bell on the show to discuss his new project White Rose Rising which you can find on Facebook. The main thrust of Peter’s project is to turn the discussion from what will Independence look like to why are we in the union. He makes clear that we need to take a new direction and we need to pressure the SNP hierarchy to heed the Yes movement and hopefully the new direction it finds.


Audio podcast 130.

Peter’s new Facebook page, White Rose Rising.

Aye Right Radio videocast 69 podcast 129.

Today the lads discuss Ruth Wishart’s piece on the Labour Party’s confusing message, Peter A Bell’s new Facebook group White Rose rising and the latest seat predictions from the Scot goes pop panelbase poll of the weekend. We end up discussing all things statuesque and the meaning of slaver in Bristol and when applied as an adjective to Jackson Carlaw.


Audio podcast 129.